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Josh... who?

Well, this ugly sitcom continues. This has been on longer than NBC's Four Kings was, and has probably been equally promoted.

In his tenth start of the season, the Mets spiced it up a bit, going as far as to give Pedro Martinez the loss in a 7-inning, 10 K, 2 run effort. It was probably against a tough team, like the Cardinals or a good hitting team like the Rockies or Reds. Not exactly. The Mets were facing the 14-31 (make that 15-31!) Florida Marlins and their new ace, Josh Johnson. And if hearing those words in rapid succession about a team that has won the second-most World Series championships in the last ten years, it's even funnier to hear that the Mets managed two hits off of him. An RBI single from C-Belt and an infield single from the Duck.

These are the games you have to hate. Games where you go to a cavernous teal and orange stadium (one which seats upwards of 75,000 during NFL season) and only 15,000 show up, most of whom are Met fans. These are the games you hate, if only because they start at 7:35, rather than 7:05 or 7:10, damning your routine. These are the games you hate, because they're quick and unbearable. These are the games you hate, in that ugly monstrosity of a stadium, facing an ugly monstrosity of a team.

You know what else I hate? Relievers beginning the season with a scoreless streak and then vomiting all over the baseball field with incompetence. Since ending his scoreless streak by allowing Philadelphia to tack on an insurance run on May 9, Sanchez has been an utter joke, pitching 9.1 innings and allowing 8 runs, good for that sterling ERA of 7.91. Sanchez this time, against a mediocre Marlins squad, did his best to put this game out of reach for the Mets. You don't allow them to get three insurance runs! You can't. And sure, while my baseball existence has led me to put all my faith in regression to the mean, does it really have to be at times this inopportune?

The Mets would face Logan Kensing, a rookie setup man who came into the game with an ERA of 6.23 and Joe Borowski, a "closer" who entered the game with a mere five saves and 4.67 ERA. These righties are hardly Jeff Nelson and Mariano Rivera. In conclusion, MLB should be aware that their slogan "I Live For This" does not apply at all to last night's game.

Sanchez was eventually going to regress to the mean, we know that. But as far as how it has happened, could we at least try to save it for one-sided games?

At least we have Tom Glavine going... against Dontrelle Willis. Please spare me a heartbreaker, Metsies.

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