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A Far Cry From Contention

So I went on another brief hiatus.

  • These games aren't meaningful, right?
    The Mets sure aren't playing like it.

  • The clubhouse is great, right?
    They're not hustling.

  • The team is healthy, right?
    Floyd's on the DL. The Mets are Patriots-ing the status of Pedro's calf, refusing to tell us what's going on. Pelfrey's on the DL. Bannister's having trouble rehabbing.

  • We're pounding the NL East, right?
    We lost to Billy Traber. And we deserved to lose on Sunday against Tony Armas, Jr. We lost against the Phillies on Monday. Today doesn't look good either.

  • The organization's emphasis on family values is still intact, right?
    Apparently not. Mr. Lo Duca has a tiny mistress and a big gambling problem in every NL city, or so the papers say. I think he's dated every teenage brunette on the East Coast. Godspeed, Duck. You're closing in on punching a ticket out of town.

  • Delgado's out of his slump, right? Milledge is hitting well, right?
    Have you even been watching these games? Once again, apparently not.

  • SNY is respecting the blogging community by not bumping them from Daily News Live, which is an awful show as is, right?
    No, sir.

    The team is in a funk. Not just a minor funk, but an organizational funk that is funkier than Dae-Sung Koo.

    And The Schmooze can report that the Mets have acquired Shawn Green. It was a welcome respite from this Parliament-style funk until it wasn't true. Now I'm praying that Preston Wilson gets signed.

    I remember in 2002 that Schmooze said the Mets got Bartolo Colon and the Braves got Randy Johnson. I think. It wasn't true.

    This team is a joke. And it's not a contender right now.

    The competition is weak. And they're manhandling us.

    They're playing with urgency. And we're playing like the division is already ours.

    Maybe it is. Maybe the games don't matter. But this team is a far cry from contending, right now.

    Who could they beat in the playoffs? Maybe the Padres, sure. And maybe the National League is so weak that the Mets don't need to be great, just good.

    But this team isn't good. This team sucks. I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore.

    It's 11-2. In the fourth inning. Off with the TV. Do something, boys.

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