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ummm what?

So... we've lost three in a row. How to put this delicately... I really could not care less. Listen. Our lead over the Boston Red Sox is 5.5 games. Please wake me up when there is a direct threat to our crown. Don't give me crap about A-Rod's now ESPN sactioned slump, and sure as hell don't tell me that this team is going in the wrong direction. Don't even tell me about Moose, I don't wanna hear. Just alert me from my slumber if the Sox have a chance. I'm having a flashback. A deep one. Last year. The Chicago White Sox nearly choke away their once insurmountable Central lead to the upstart Injuns, only to save house at the last minute, taking it to the Clevelanders in the final weekend.

Their morale was questioned. This team didnt have the right start heading into the playoffs, their mentality was way off. You can't do well in the postseason without a strong end to the regular season. Right? Notsomuch. Although most people don't remember (this was last year after all) the White Sox actually did win the World Series, (what, really?), mostly because they were playing the Astros. Oh my goodness. What a good punch line. Wait, what? They really were playing the Astros? Good God what has the NL come to?
Case and point, the South Siders didn't need a hot finish to succeed. They just needed a division win is all. Same applies this year folks. If they catch up, by all means tell me, until then, just put the car in neutral and let's coast home, ok?

In other news. Derek Jeter is not the MVP. Yes I am a Yankee fan don't question me. Listen we all know that he's the best all around SS in baseball, there's no arguing that unless you're an idiot who listens to BP and incorporates VORP into everyday coversations. But the power numbers are just not there. It's nice and all that he hits .335, leads this team, and plays above average D, but you can't honestly tell me you're going to give the MVP to a man who will probably not hit the 100 RBI plateau this year. His numbers are eerily similar to Mauer's, with Joe's BA obviously higher, and even though everyone wants to have puppies over this new kid in Minnesota, nobody's gonna give him this hardware. That's crazy talk. Give it to Dye, Morneau, (who is the best hitter of all time ever super duper serious he's like incredible) according to MLB pitchers, hell even give it to Papi, I love you DJ but this award is not yours. I hate those who talk about East Coast Bias (hereafter referred to as ECB) like it's some conspiracy, but this has gone a little far.
(0h and while you're at it put Wang up there with Santana and Halladay would you? Thank you kindly.)

In the other race, I really can't see how you don't give this award to Ryan Howard. Seriously even if the Phils miss the playoffs by 8 games, the guy is putting up absurd numbers. And let's be fair, without Howard, this Philly team is not even anywhere near the radar. Sounds pre-tty valuable to me. Let's face it, anything else but giving it to him would be a travesty at this point, leave it at that. (No. Down Mets Fan. No Beltran for you. NO! Bad Mets Fan!)
Speaking of Howard take it easy on Oliver Perez, or as I affectionately like to refer to him, O-Dawg, sorry Orlando. He's doing his best, no need to turn him into another VZ with Nady playing the roll of Kaz. Only without Nady succumbing to injury probs etc.

Oh and also, the Whiteys are pretty much down. Not out mind you, but most definitely down.
The Twins? Who saw that one coming? Put your hands down smart alecks, it was a trendy pick.

How good is Howie Kendrick? I mean it almost seems cliched at this point but goddamn can this boy hit a baseball. It'll be really nice to see him in Pinstripes you know?

OK I'm done for now. Tomorrow I'll be highlighting a few of the many important stories as we head into the stretch run of the '06 season. See you then faithful.

Oh, I was just kidding about that faithful stuff.

But do come back.
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Schuyla' said...

Derek Jeter is not the best all-around shortstop in baseball. Sorry. But this year, he is clearly the second-best in baseball to Tejada.

He is not the MVP, though he is a lot closer than you'd think, according to my bible at BP.

Furthermore, Ryan Howard is really intimidating, but he only looks great when you look at his triple crown stats. NL MVP should be Pujols or Beltran or Utley. Not Howard.

RBI is meaningless. I don't know how many times I have to say it. Let's try and explain it this way. If I come up 600 times in a season with the bases loaded and hit .100 with my 60 hits all singles, I will drive in 120 runs. If I come up with the bases empty in those 600 AB and hit 1.000 with all singles, I will have 0 RBI. There's no question who's the more valuable player. It's just a matter of luck.

Schuyla' said...
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