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The Clincher

I felt guilty about the clincher. Maybe it was out of selfishness.

I dunno. I wanted to be there. Right now, I am miles away from my dear Mets, farther away than my normal dwelling near New Haven.

And yet, somehow, I was able to join in the party.

That's what's great about this franchise-- all the pictures of the partying mean something.

And I sure as hell hope that these Mets don't party like our former stars Tony Tarasco, Mark Corey and Grant Roberts. David Wright said he went out for pizza. Oh-kay. It doesn't have to be that tame.

I think the problem was that Lo Duca, after becoming a Met, was looking forward to Anna Benson's obligatory table dance at the clincher.

Unfortunately, he probably just had to settle for one of Julio Franco's great-grandchildren.

Another thought on the party: Why'd Pedro skip out? I get that he rationalized it with his "it's only the division" talk, but Pedro should know that it's been 18 years since we saw a division championship in these parts.

Maybe he could stay around, if only for a few minutes. Whatever. We'll be watching tomorrow.

I think this whole issue of Pedro is problematic. I know Mets fans want to gladly endorse him as the Game 1 starter, but has he proven anything this season? Not all that much.

He's been a slightly above-average pitcher in limited action, and we've seen almost nothing out of him in the second half of the season.

Isn't it foolish to write off Maine at this point, when in fact Pedro has hardly distinguished himself of late?

I find it incredibly difficult to endorse Pedro as an ace and Trachsel as part of this rotation in the postseason, when both of them have proven to be essentially useless in the second half.


Okay, sorry for my lack of posting late. Been absolutely swamped.

I'll have some Jetsness and Rangersness and Mets playoffness coming up soon.


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