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Duque In Agony, Maine to Open, Perez to Join Rotation

Well, God would never make it easy on Mets fans, would he?

The Mets rotation seems to look like this:

Game 1: John Maine
Game 2: Tom Glavine
Game 3: Steve Trachsel
Game 4: Oliver The Nutcase

And Royce Ring made the postseason roster. Here's probably the most optimistic way to put it: wouldn't winning be better if we had some sort of exciting storyline involving injuries to like, every man who has started a game for the Mets this season?

Or maybe the man upstairs has something against me. The Rangers, appearing in the playoffs for the first time since forever earlier this year, lost 6-1 to the Devils while their superstar, Jaromir Jagr, was hurt. The Rangers weren't the same afterwards.

Hockey season starts tonight. Rangers play tomorrow.

I would be remiss not to note that Will Carroll, the outstanding medical guru over at Baseball Prospecuts, has confirmed my suspicions that Carlos Beltran has a much more serious leg injury than he has been letting on. His thigh and quad are both strained and nagging the centerfielder. Since returning from his post-Houston respite, Beltran has hardly been himself.

Maybe things can't get any worse.

Nevertheless, the game is at 4 p.m. on ESPN today. I'm sure the Worldwide Leader will give us Steve Phillips (who just before this picture was taken had sexually harassed 100 women) and Orel Hershiser with some generic announcer guy to make the Mets-Dodgers rivalry more apparent.

But then again, Steve Phillips once acquired Orel Hershiser, making them both Mets employees at the time.

However, in 1988, Mets fans hated Hershiser and his pitching against the Mets while with LA, and they were getting ready to start hating Steve Phillips.

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