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Oh No!

Despite the fact that the Mets offered the human rain delay as their starting pitcher tonight, despite the lack of momentum, I figured that good things were in our futures.

After all, the Cardinals were starting Jeff Suppan tonight. He had been just as bad as Trachsel this year.

And even when Trachsel came out looking stale and devoid of control against a pretty tough team, I didn't get worried.

But then it became harder not to worry. Our opponents were mashing the veteran righty, while the Supp Nazi was making like Pedro in his prime. (just a quick question: who does Mr. Martinez pitch for these days anyway?)

Time passed during the game. At-bats became innings and soon enough it was practically over.

And now I'm worried about Sunday... with good reason.

Oliver "Nutjob" Pay-Rezz is on the hill, with this game either tying the series or allowing St. Louis to clinch on Monday at home.

Ladies and Gentlemen, pray for Perez today.



Don't get me started about the Jets or Rangers either.

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