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Some News

Well, that was an interesting weekend.

-The New York Jetropolitans defeated the New England Expatriates this weekend, pushing the Jetsies to one game behind the Pats in the AFC East, while snapping their streak of 60 games without consecutive losses.

-According to multiple papers, we will not be Stache-less this year, and possibly in 2008, as Jose Valentin has closed on a one-year deal with a vesting option. This should put a stop to whatever rumors circulate around this position, as Julio Lugo, Adam Kennedy, Alfonso Soriano, and Mark Loretta will inevitably staying away from Flushing.

-CitiField? Eh. I think the best part of this story is that our sister blog Hot Foot broke the news about the stadium simply by having ties on the construction site. It makes you wonder what the function of the Mass Media is.

-Mets 3B Coach Manny Acta will be introduced on Tuesday as the new manager of the Washington Nationals. On the whole, it's pretty funny that the Expos franchise dumped him after their 2004 season, and now, after a face-lift, they want him back.

-The Cubs re-signed the best free agent on the market, giving 5 years and $73MM to their star third baseman Aramis Ramirez. They also picked up two perennial intriguing options by re-upping righties Wade Miller and Kerry Wood to incentive-laden contracts.

-The Yankees were wheeling and dealing, pulling off a Sheff-to-the-Tigers deal, landing them talented (but elbow injury prone) righty pitching prospect Humberto Sanchez, and then nabbing righty reliever Chris Britton while dumping Jaret Wright's contract and some of the money attached with it on the Orioles.

-Finally, the baseball winter meetings are set to occur this week, with a lot of intriguing options on the trade market. Lastings Milledge's name will be mentioned in about 400 trade rumors, so pay close attention. I'll be here to break it down for you.

-And, hopefully, we will find out whether Buster Olney's made-up reporting (covered well recently by Mike's Mets) is at all close to the truth. Maybe, just maybe, Daisuke will be signed before I next write you.

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