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I would apologize profusely for my week of absence, but perhaps you noticed that the Mets played only four games during this span, including one which was an embarrassing showing by Oliver Perez and another, which I attended, where El Duque was smacked around by the Nationals before the floods came.

The weather in Philadelphia tonight (for what appears to be the ubiquitous one-game series) is overcast and in the mid-forties, with a chance of rain. Don't fault me for likely watching hockey. The beautiful conditions on Monday in the City of Brotherly Love are on your left.

While other bloggers have complained about their inability to follow the rhythm of this baseball season, I might follow suit. Where is the intensity? More importantly, where is the power? Alex Rodriguez has outhomered the Mets, and Ian Kinsler and Jimmy Rollins (the definition of irony, on the 3-8 Phillies) have tied the team's mark.

Then Jose Reyes goes 0-for-5 against Nationals aces like Shawn Hill and Micah Bowie, and you know. This must be spring (training). Pinch me when JoVal crosses the Mendoza Line.


Let's go Rangers: the chance is there for a 3-0 series lead against the Thrashers, while Sean Avery, averse to the Lady Byng Trophy is working on his Conn Smythe candidacy.

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