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The AnonyMets

We're heading toward spring training at top speed (sans caravan), yet there are a few Mets we haven't heard much of.

We've heard from the recently extended Willie and Jacket. Delgado has been in the press for likely missing the start of the season (I heard that he's giving birth... maybe my sources are off) and the Duck has been mentioned in John Thomson's firy rhetoric.

MiniMets Castro and Endy have resigned, and Jose and David are in the press as usual. We hear about Glavine and Pedro, and Duque reupped earlier.

My question– where are the outfielders?

Despite his new surroundings, and his new will to win, we've heard nothing of Moises Alou. Shawn Green is suspiciously incommunicado, and has anyone heard anything from Carlos Beltran since his MVP-caliber season ended?

Finally, where is Firstings? I miss him and his youthful indiscretion.

The lack of hype going into the season is hardly putting me at ease. Spring Training is soon.

See you later.

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