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I am writing to you, readers, or whatever is left of you, to discuss two failures: the Mets' failure to secure a win in the especially pivotal series over Atlanta and my own failure to update this blog within essentially the past three weeks.

First, let me address the Braves series. Oliver Perez cannot start every game against Atlanta. Perhaps we'd rather him on one day's rest than Glavine or Sosa, or whoever is to take the mound against our chief competition.

I must say that I have become increasingly disillusioned with Glavine's work, and Sosa was due for a regression. Maine dazzled in April, though his May has seen more disappointments than the Ron Paul campaign.

Glavine pitched well enough last night, though the Mets were simply unable to get to John Smoltz. It's not terribly difficult to be in that state: Smoltz has been exceedingly effective late into his career, and his 7-2 record and 2.58 ERA this season despite what appeared to be some sort of finger injury does not belie that.
What should scare all Mets fans is the sudden late-game quitter's tendency of this club, and its equally displeasing failure to drive in runners. Perhaps I appear hypocritical, after all, these observations can often be the result of poor perception.

Take a look at this, though: the Mets' .241 team batting average in the last week is the 23rd highest in baseball, hardly a stat befitting a first-place club. Their OPS is 27th in that span.

Where is the power? Aside from David Wright, the Mets' offense is conspicuously devoid of power. Jose Reyes hasn't hit a home run since April. Carlos Beltran has one extra base hit in his last ten games. Carlos Delgado hit one homer on May 9, one on May 11. That's it for this month; he only had one in April.

I'm not sure how this team is managing to fend for itself: Jorge Sosa and Jason Vargas are in the rotation, El Duque is slated to come back tonight (before his next invariable bout with osteoporosis) and replace Vargas, but top prospect Mike Pelfrey still hasn't been able to figure out big league hitters.

Moises Alou and Jose Valentin are MIA. Despite the success of replacements Endy Chavez and Damion Easley, it would be much nicer to relegate that pair to the bench.

Regarding that bench, might I add, is there anyone besides Carlos Gomez and Ramon Castro capable of getting on base? Julio Franco is awful, David Newhan is worse, and Ruben Gotay is hardly even on this team.

That being said, I'm not hopeless for this club. They're still in first place, and they did take two out of three from the Team Formerly Known As The Bronx Bombers.

Let's get the Fish this weekend...


Regarding my failure to post, I might be inclined to explain that I have been incredibly busy this time of year. Sure, whatever, you might say that's my fault and screw me, etc., but I have hope that this will be a daily blog from June-September, and perhaps October, though I won't jinx it.

I do have plans ensuing for a relaunch... this site's name is no longer apt, obvs, and I have plans to make this officially into a site about the Mets, with the Rangers and Jets as secondary fodder.

I also plan to include other writers on the site, so if you might be interested, send me an email at zookman12@yahoo.com explaining what you think you could do to help with a relaunched site.

Trust me, it'll be fun.

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