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I'm Back!

Signing into my blog today, I noticed a rather jarring statistic:

It made me feel all sorts of emotions, and my throat got lumpy from the absence, which does not make the heart grow fonder.

Nevertheless, it is now Spring Training. That's right- we get to see legends like Chip Ambres, Mike Nickeas and Marcos Caravajal on the same field... playing for the same team. I wish the Mets would make more ads like that, alerting us to this limited release perfomance before the players head off to the Minors or Korea.

Spring training always inspires a sort of weird feeling in me, and I would imagine it does the same to others. You sit around, watching the game on SNY, and just have an epiphany. It's hardly romantic, hardly exciting. You just decide you want to watch something else... that you're bored by the passion you've been waiting months to enjoy.

I figure that's okay, though our good friends at SNY/CW-11 have afforded us sixteen televised spring training games just in case. Shocking, right?

I don't think I can wait the upcoming month or so until baseball season, offering divided attention to my sputtering Rangers, and, uh, the Mets' taxi squad.

Let's take a look at spring training this week, where there will be intriguing battles for the final two rotation spots (count me in as the only Perez non-believer) between a group of eight mediocre journeymen and hotshot prospects.

Might I add that Pedro has been working with the Dominican version of Greg Anderson (Angel "Nao" Presinal)?

The positional battles aren't going to be too interesting (To Easley, or not to Easley, that really is the question), and soon enough we'll be watching David Wright for an inning of work, and then suffering through eight of Chase Lambin.

Although, I would be remiss not to mention Firstings' outstanding work last spring training. You might remember it... it's here if you don't. That was back when Aaron Heilman had a shot at the rotation (not that long ago).

Maybe all of this doesn't sound too impressive. Some of the games end in ties. Stars don't get too many at-bats. But I have to tell you. I'm mildly excited. Aren't you?

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