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this is jack. i've been a mets fan since even before the glory days of masato yoshii. honestly, the mets are like the greatest thing that's ever happened to civilization. although there have been dark ages and darker players (gregg jefferies), now the best thing since 2000 is back again. and this time we're not trying to reach the world series with a team that includes benny agbayani, jay payton AND timo perez.
also, chipper jones sucks. like a lot. and so do andruw, rafael, javy, greg/tom/john s./steve/john r. and i just have a particular dislike for this new francoeur kid. well, for the fourteenth time in the last fifteen years, the braves won the division. jeez. well, for the sixteenth time in the last sixteen years, their run stops here. oh-- i hate the yankees too. even met-friendly yankee bums like david weathers, shane spencer/karim garcia and (gasp) willie randolph! but then again-- what more is there to say about those chumps? the florida marlins have won more world series than the yankees in the last 5 years-- eat that, steinbrenner.
octavio dotel slamming the door on the braves in game 6 of the 1999 NLCS was a reasonably important moment in my life, kenny rogers walking andruw jones in game 7 slightly more so.
during the offseason, i have minor passion for the jets and rangers. i feel for poor curtis and chad's seemingly arthritic shoulder and i know d'brickashaw is d'man who can set d'is franchise on d'right track. also, jaromir jagr is godly.
so let's start this crazy train ride.

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