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More, more more.

There have been plenty of hot news items this offseason. A busy FA period meant plenty of new faces in new places, Game of Shadows, the inaugural WBC, and the demise of Alfonso. To a certain extent, Crosstown has been covering these stories. What we haven't been following is the day to day news that might not make huge ripples in the world of sports but that are important or humorous nonetheless. For example, while I might cover lightly the end of the WBC, I haven't written anything on Jorge's poor little nose. And while Schuyla' wrote on Soriano, he hasn't written anything about Billy Wagner's bird. This small entry is just a reminder/informant that if you scroll on down the sidebar past the ad and 'what we're reading', you'll find 'Mets and Yankees player news', courtesy of Rotoworld. That has pretty much all you need to know. Check it out if you're looking for news about injuries, performances, or other day to day nuances of the baseball world.

p.s. 1,000th hit recently. That's a nice milestone, thanks for reading.

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