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Homecoming is certainly a difficult concept and one that is far more prevalent in today's money-driven sports world. Odysseus struggled on his long journey home. Brian Leetch was nervous tonight in his return to Madison Square Garden for the first time in a non-Ranger sweater. With Leetch's team falling to the formerly disgraced but now strong Blueshirts, I couldn't help but wonder about a future homecoming. I'm torn.
The PizzaMan slammed his way through Flushing for seven years, leaving some great history on the field. He goes down in history as the greatest offensive player ever to don a Met uniform, excluding a certain New York Giant great in centerfield.
He took us to the playoffs in 1999 and 2000.
He hit that shot off of Karsay.
But then again, we wanted him back.
We didn't need Lo Duca: he's not the PizzaMan. Hell, he's not even Ramon Castro and his head.
But, wait... he hit that homer off of Blaine Boyer last year.
He wanted more money and more playing time: it's called denial.
He gave an "I'm not gay" press conference.
But he died his hair blond.
I'm sure his legacy will be great, as he deserves.
But why am I so worried about a homecoming? Why can the hero not return in his chest protector and conquer Flushing once and for all?
I don't know whether or not to miss the PizzaMan. It's not black and white like Leetchy. Mike needed to go to keep his ego alive.
And that's a shame.

p.s. this isn't good.

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