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Where Else But Here?

God, I love this city. Don't let L.A., Chicago, or Europeans dissuade you, it truly is the greatest city in the world. I love the traffic, I love the intolerable heat, the cold that seems to enter into your very soul. I love the smog. I love the people going sixty on Broadway in their Jeep Wrangler with a broken muffler that sure is hell isn't gonna stop for some old woman who doesn't have the initiative to succeed in this city that never sleeps. I love the diversity. I love how defensive New Yorkers are of New York- with good reason. I love how impersonal the whole thing is. I love the nightlife (baby.... oo-oo). I love how I can see The Boss (Springsteen not Steinbrenner) on the sidewalk getting into his car and it's not even that cool, just because the odds of that happening are almost statistically in one's favor. I love Central Park. I love the pizza. I love the history. Just thinking about it lifts my spirits. You could even say:

Ha that's brilliantly original. Am I the first one to think of that? But hey... I'm not here to preach the greatness of NY. =) I'm getting to the point.

I love New York sports.

And in my traverses throughout the world of the NY sportlife, one phrase has really captured the entire experience.

Where else but here?

I swear it's the single most entertaining and original experience that I've ever encountered as a sports fan. Where else but here could there but a professional sports team paying their athletes nearly 200 MILLION dollars. To play a game. But that's a different problem and a different article. (possibly coming soon?) I love the ridiculosity of it all. Where else can a manager (Billy Martin) get fired and rehired five times by the owner (Steinbrenner). I love the rivalries. Where else can there be such an unbelievable hatred between the collective fans of two teams? A hatred to the point that the two sides have almost become two different ideologies? My question to you is this.

At what point in your NY sport experience did something occur that was so ridiculous/strange/fabulous that you really had to ask yourself the question.
Where else but here?
There are plenty of moments out there and I think I know mine- chime in.

Coming up in the travels of Dyslexia:
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Nostalgia promised for all.

Bigups to all those in the Big Apple:
Love Thy City!
P.S. How's your bracket?


Mike A said...
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Schuyla' said...

one question about this city:

can you raise a family comfortably on $200,000?