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George Steinbrenner is a greedy, arrogant, moneygrubbing slob. Fred Wilpon is a nice and happy man who needs a little cash to build Ebbets Field again and a little lovin' to spite James and Charles Dolan who held him and his team prisoner on MSG and FSNY for the past decade. Fred and his baby boy Jeff know what to do to spite people and make money: Create a network. Yankees fans became giddy (like they expected the MES(S) network or something) and Mets fans were floored. With this network came new and marketable faces: Randolph, Minaya, Delgado, Beltran, Wright, Reyes and Pedro. This saved the increasing likelihood of Joe McUseless and Wilson Delgado filler promos.
With the new network launching on Thursday, here are a few things that will be included:
  • Telecasts of Mets games (all home games and select road games in HD)

  • Exclusive Jets programming

  • College football and basketball games

  • 2 Daily Sports Recaps (SportsNIte and SportsRise)

  • National Lacrosse League Game of the Week

  • Daily News Live (a show in which Daily News sports personalities appear)

  • Bowflex Infomercials (you know they're coming)

  • And Some Things That Won't Be Appearing
  • Law and Order reruns (although they're on every other cable channel)

  • Yankeeography

  • Poker Superstars with Bobby Bonilla and Rickey Henderson

  • John Rocker's Community Voices

  • SNY should be great, regardless of what's coming. I know I want to see vintage Kevin McReynolds. And there's only one place to find it.

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