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So. We meet again. Baseball's just around the corner, and it seems like it's been a while. Any fan can tell you that the AL East has been revamped and reworked, starting from the bottom up. Tampa Bay's got a new mentality, and Delmon Young. Baltimore, uhhhhh... well, they lost Sidney. Blue Jays are the talk of the town with their FA additions, and Boston is still picking up the pieces from the 5 minutes that Theo wasn't there to hold the organization's hand. Leading up to opening day I'll be profiling each team in this beast of a division (including the Yanks). What they have to build on, what's improved from last year, and what kinda damage I feel that they'll be making in the division and the league this year.

I'll be starting in a few days with the D-Rays, because I always feel bad for those God has forsaken.

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