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Brian, King of Railings

The mini-Bannister takes his place on the hill for the first time in his career tonight. He will start what happens to be the second game of the New York Mets season and also the first of his career. Only one player has ever done that while wearing the orange and blue. He was a right-hander from Fresno, California who did some nice things for the Mets. His name was Tom Seaver. Did I forget anything? Yeah, he won that World Series in 1969, and sure, he received the highest balloting percentage ever in the history of the HOF. So Bannister has some pretty big shoes to fill. Sure, you can tell me he's a photographer and what not, but first and foremost he's a pitcher. A good pitcher.
Our good pitcher.

edit: nice show he put on. i thought he mighta been able to do it. no problem.

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