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savoring the sweet smell of 2006

Well, ladies and gentlemen. It is apparent that this ball is about to get rolling and I haven't even thought enough about the Mets, our opening day lineup, bullpen, the whole shebang. I wonder, did anyone remember that last year's opener had favorite whipping boy Kaz Matsui go yard in his first AB of the season for the second straight season? Did anyone remember that disappointment Carlos Beltran went two-run jackalicious on Paul Wilson to tie it? And did anyone remember the collective groan we all uttered when Pedro allowed a mammoth shot against Adam Dunn?
Hell, I know you remember Pedro's twelve strikeouts in a mere six innings. And I know you know we had a lead and Looper blew it. If you share my degree of fanaticism you undoubtedly know that he allowed homers to both Adam Dunn and Joe Randa before even getting an out. Randa's was the walkoff. And, if you're a smart one, you probably know that Manny Aybar and Dae-Sung Koo both had holds in that game. And, you're a good reader, you'd know that of the nine pitchers who pitched in that game, seven of them would have donned a Mets uniform (the four Mets pitchers, Paul Wilson, David Weathers and Danny Graves) by the end of the season. But one thing I forgot in all the cursing out of Loopy was that it was opening day. The start of something new. A brand new season with brand new wins, brand new folk heroes, and, unfortunately, brand new unforseen problems. But as long as the Mets go out there, they'll be playing. I'll be watching/listening.

My prediction: Their first division title since 1988. Andruw and Larry will have none of it, I know. But I will. And my sweet sweet heart will succumb to nothing but bitter hatred and vindication against the two musclebound Bravos.


dare i say it?

The team. The time. The Mets.

I'll talk to you after the game, and Dyslexia and I will get into the swing of our season. Hope you'll join us.

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