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In Defense of Mex...

I thought about it.
Honestly, Keith Hernandez didn't do anything wrong. He just didn't.
I tried to see it in the eyes of my mother, sister, and Patricia Ireland.
But think about the atmosphere of baseball. No female baseball operations execs exist except over in Chavez Ravine.
No female trainers, especially not Miss Calabrese, who was a massage therapist.
There's only one female professional, and I'm only guessing about that one based on the Paula Abdul get-up from spring training and the Clomid prescriptions.
Baseball is, at least to all outside observers, a man's game.
In a dugout where sweaty, muscular and violent athletes spit into the ground, are women even totally attune to the situation?
And, no, just like Keith, I'm not used to having females in the dugout.
It's not offensive to say that.
And I applaud Keith for citing the rulebook, noting that only the head and assistant trainers are permitted, because Calabrese is neither.
Let the haters continue to whine, but Mets fans and fans of Mets broadcasting know that Mex is loved for his frankness.
He, and to a lesser extent, Gary Cohen, is all that is honest and accountable in this franchise's media coverage. They employed Fran Healy from 1984-2005! Fran Healy! Upon being called a Kool-Aid drinker, Healy remarked, "Come out to Shea and watch Jose Reyes run after he hits a Geico triple that bounces off the Amtrak Acela sign! And in between innings, grab some Kool-Aid! The food is great!" I just made that up, though it sounds all too real.
So worry not about the neighborhood misogynist, Mets fans, because Keith is just too suave for it all. For example, take after he was chided by Padres manager Bruce Bochy.
Upon being criticized, Hernandez and Walt "Clyde" Frazier shouted in unison, "Re-Jected!"

Pee (for moises) S.
The Mets really need a win tonight. Get out of the funk. And please don't walk Barry.
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