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A Massachusetts Sized Matchup Or Something

And it's here. They've already started playing over in the Bronx, knotted up at nothing in the first.

So the everraging debate is whether or not Joe made the right choice throwing Melky into this bloodbath in his first game up. If Beckett beans him and gets inside his head, he'll be ineffective. And we need every bat we can get. Personally, I like Bubba in RF. But hey, that's why I'm not managing. Go get em Melky. Make a name for yourself.
Damon struck out.

Game 1:
Randy Johnson vs. Josh Beckett:
Edge: Beckett. As overrated as Beckett is, no one as seen the real Randy Johnson of late. His 5-2 start is not a barometer of how he's been pitching. Their ERA's are nearly identical, but it's clear who's the better pitcher. In any case, wherever Randy is, we need him now more than ever. If he steps up his A-game here that would go a long way to a little more acceptance than this easy truce he seems to have established with the fans. Look for Beckett to go deep into the night. 7 or 8, giving up 2 or 3. Randy can perform, but it most likely won't be pretty.

Game 2:
Mike Mussina vs. Curt Schilling
Edge: Moose. As I have previously said, Mussina is the best pitcher in the AL except for Santana. And no, it's not Contreras, sorry. Curt Schilling is a very good pitcher, but when Moose is on top his game, he is actually impossible to hit. The Red Sox will be shut down, and whatever we can muster against Schill will be enough.

J-Giam just went YARD!!! 2 run shot. God! I love him. And they say he isn't clutch. BITE ME!

Game 3:
Shawn Chacon vs. Tim Wakefield
Chacon. Shawn Chacon is very good. Ha. Stupid Wakefield wth his stupid 2-4 record. He's not as bad as that suggests, but he hasn't been Timmy of late. He's been good against the Yanks in recent years, but just in case you need one more person to tell you, Shawn Chacon is very good. Wakefield will try to stymie this lineup, but we've seen that goofy pitch one too many time. Shawn will hold strong and solid, although as usual, not spectacular.

Randy's making quick of em through 2. No-no in the making?
Oh, and how's Pedro doing in Philly? How you say... no so good. 3 ER in 2+. Gotta love those underachieving Phils.

Boston Breakdown: Record: 18-12: 2nd, (yes that's right, 2nd) AL East
Yes, they're a pretty good team with some rock solid pitching. However, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Their right fielder is Wily Mo Pena. Just thought you'd like to be reminded. Don't forget the incomparable Dustan Mohr in center and the inflappaple Kevin Youkilis at 1st. Granted, the Sox are better than they look on paper, they've gelled. But ultimately, they're not dangerous. If they beat us tonight, and they might, don't get up at arms. As intimidating as Schill and Beck are, they're not as good as Randy(I'm still holding out for the real thing) and Moose when they're clicking on all cylinders. Manny has, unfortunately, not been bein Manny. The only thing that seems a constant is that David Ortiz is on steroids. (the views of Dyslexia do not represent the views of Crosstown Rivals, or its host, blogspot.com) I picked them to win the card, but they've still got a rookie (devilish maybe, but still a rookie) at closer and in October, he will be a non-factor. The Red Sox are not a worry. Trust me on this one. Let's just sit back, enjoy an entertaining series, and remember that they have Alex Gonzalez at short. See if that doesn't make that you laugh, maybe breathe a little easier.

No-no gone.

Players to Watch For:
Mike Mussina- He will be masterful. And this start will finally put him on the map. Look out, Schilling fans, your boy is about to get outclassed in a battle of cy contenders.
Jason Varitek- Why does it seem like every time I look over at a Sox-Yanks game Varitek's blasting a 400 footer. Why? Look for him to be big against Randy and Chacon. 5-6 hits, 4 RBI

2nd and 3rd 2 gone for big papi. Strike 2 foul. 1-2. Ball, 2-2. And the pitch.... A ROD! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! GOD DAMN IT!!! Wow! Bench him! That's the just the confidence booster Randy needs, you goddamn idiot! WOW!

A-Rod: Maybe I'm biased by recent events, but he'll dissappear in the series we need him most. Won't you Gay-Rod?

Player of the Series: Jason Varitek. He'll be good enough to win 1 game on his own. However..
Picks: That'll be all the Sox get. Look for Moose and one of either Unit or Chacon to hold their ground.

No predictions, you people know what I think. I'm tired of gamecast, I'm gonna go see the real thing.

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