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Bring the Ring


Duaner looks hurt. I don't know what happened, but it doesn't look good. If he went the TJ way, it'd be the third Mets pitcher of the year to do so. And the second reliever with goggles. Interesting.

But let me take time in the waning moments of the game to promote a new movement. I'm not a fool, I know that the Mets aren't going to have reliable set-up men fall into their lap. I know Bradford probably won't continue holding lefties to a .221 average and that Feliciano probably won't continue to hold righties to a .204 average.

So, what are the Mets' options in-house to fill the void should Sanchez be DLed?

Option 1: John Maine.
He's not a set-up guy, but he can be a capable long relivever. That would allow Darren Oliver, the team's third best pitcher by VORP, to move into more of a middle-relief/set-up role in the pen. Oliver might suffer from overexposure, but it would be worth a shot.

Option 2: Henry Owens.
Ever since Heath Bell found himself freed from AAA, the cries of a rabid public have been quieted as he has been about an average pitcher since being promoted in 2004 and going up and down from Norfolk every year. The new cries are emerging for this youngster Henry Owens. Plucked from the Pirates farm system in the Rule V draft, the righty has thrown hard despite injuries while closing at AA Binghamton. He's posted an 0.83 ERA as well as allowing a mere 13 baserunners in 21.2 innings. The little caveat? Owens celebrated his 27th birthday earlier this season. So, consider Lastings Milledge played as a 20-year old in AA last year, and that most AA players are older than Milledge, though not by much. Owens is facing much younger competition, meaning they're probably less exposed to refined stuff. If Owens has it, that's an easy answer for his dominance. He's not the answer.

Option 3: Anderson Garcia
Garcia was up on the Mets' roster earlier this season, and even though he didn't get into a game, he pitched very well at Binghamton. 1.59 ERA. But since being promoted to AAA Norfolk, another Met with two last names struggled at a higher level. So far he's posted a 6.11 ERA in 17 innings of work at Norfolk, allowing a lot of hits and an excessive 3 homers in that span. Probably not the answer.

So who is?

Option 4: Royce Ring

As you can tell from the title of this post, I want Royce Ring. I think his funky delivery is the best thing this side of the Mississippi. He's been nasty in AAA, locking down 5 saves while posting a 1.61 ERA and more than a strikeout per inning. He can face lefties, he can face righties or he could be moved into a stricter LOOGY role allowing the Mets to take advantage of Feliciano's ability to beat righties. Last year with the Mets, he was victimized only by poor control, allowing about a walk per inning. But in all honesty, if he can fix that, Royce can be nasty. And he can help these Mets, right now. Let's get the express jet a-rumblin', boys, because he needs to be here by 4 tomorrow. Watch the Mets salvage this hard-throwing former first round draft pick and watch them make him the only good thing ever to come out of that Roberto Alomar madness. What a lefty. What a guy.

It's Ring time.

oh, PS. David Wright is the MVP. Of everything.

PPS. They won too. 6-1.

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