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New Feature

From now on, this will be what Yankee previews and recaps will look like. Picked it up from Yankees Chick, seems like a good idea.

Next Game:
Tues, June 13th:
CLE @ NY, 7:05 PM
Starting Pitchers:
NYY: Wang (6-2, 4.52)
CLE: Byrd (5-4, 5.15)

Last Game:
Oakland 6-Yankees 5
Good News:
Bob Cano went 3 for 4 with 1 RBI. His average is currently at .323, second on the team behind Jete.
Posada got his groove on with a 2 run shot in the 5th of off Zito
Frank Thomas didn’t play. (whew)
Bad News:
Dan Johnson toyed with us, going two for three with 2 RBI. Oh, and those two, both homers, one the go ahead.
Eric Chavez, two for two, two B’s.
That heinous inside the park HR for Swisher.
Why we lost:
I’ll give you a hint. It starts with Kyle and ends with Farnsworth. Why, Joe, why? I try to back you up, but then you leave Kyle Farnsworth in for 6 batters. WHY?
Shawn Chacon didn’t do his part either, in a downright ugly start. As much as I hate to say it, his ERA is up to 5.23.
Andy Phillips and Miguel Cairo. I don’t have any real evidence, but why does it seem like they keep coming up in important situation. They’re outs, plain and simple. Oh, here’s some evidence. Andy left 4 on base,
Bernie Williams batted 5th. I love the guy, but WHAT?
Final Thoughts:
Well, we’ve lost four straight. I knew this series would be bad but I wasn’t thinking sweep. Compound this with David “Everyone thinks I’m so clutch” Ortiz’s walkoff shot, and we’re 1.5 back of the Sawx heading to Cleveland. Time to stop the bleeding guys, go out there and have a good series. Nobody wants to see this homestand get ugly.

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