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Trade Rumors (Part 1)

Over the past few months (since Godzilla’s booboo), trade rumors, as they do every year, are swirling around the Bronx. Up until now, I had decided to abstain from succumbing to the ideas, but now, I figure, if you can’t beat the rumors, join ‘em. Here is a list of possibilities (that include the Yanks), how I feel about them, and how likely I believe it is that they’re gonna go down.

Barry Zito:
As much as the addition of yet another pitcher born to fail in the Bronx would amuse me, this one is not happening. The A’s wouldn’t want to get rid of him unless they’re sure they won’t win their division, and as I have already expressed, I believe they are a lock out West. Furthermore, are Cash and Boss ready to accept the media backlash of trading away someone like Hughes? Do they even want to trade Hughes? And most importantly, is Hughes even enough to satisfy the deal? I don’t think Zito’s going anywhere, but if he does, don’t look for him wearing pinstripes.
Do I like it? C- Will it happen? D

Bobby Abreu:
I love Bobby. I really do. The way I see it, we add someone with a great power/speed number, don’t pick up the option on Sheff, and we’re set. Sure, Abreu is due more than Sheff in ’07, but he’s also more valuable. That is, if he isn’t on the roids. In addition to this, that Victorino kid would need to keep playing well, and I don’t see any long term success in this future. The only question is what do the Phils want for him? The universal problem for the Phillies is pitching, so it seems to be Hughes or maybe if they’re desperate someone like Steven White w/ another lower level prospect thrown in. In addition to this, I don’t think Abreu has got the starpower that Steinbrenner wants.
Do I like it? B+ Will it happen? C-

Alfonso Soriano:
No no no no no no. Please. Listen, I loved this kid as much as the guy, but what we can least afford right now is another problem child. Although it is in our nature to sell the team’s soul for 45 HR’s, I don’t know if George wants him back. It would be a kick for him to end up with A-Rod and Soriano, considering the trade. Kinda like an ego-trip or something. As much as I want to believe that Sori would shut up and play in NY, it’s too much of a risk. Plus, you’ve seen the guy swing at every pitch within a mile; do you really think Donnie Baseball can fix that? Also, we’re forgetting the most important part. We don’t have to give anything up to get him. He’s an FA at the end of this season; we can just scoop him up then. I honestly don’t think we’re stupid enough to make a trade when we can have a go at the guy in like 100 games. If we trade for him now (does he have a no trade clause?) we might have to give up something for an unhappy player. If we wait, we give him an offer and if he doesn’t want to play for us, he refuses us.
Do I like it? D Will it happen? D-

Reggie Sanders:
Ah, Reggie. A nice piece of the puzzle that can help us win a ring. He’s not gonna bitch and moan, he’s not worth THAT much (about 5 mil), and we can drop him in two years. What’s the problem? We’d have to give up a whole less to get him; I mean we’re dealing with the Royals after all. They’d probably ask for Duncan or if they’re feeling bold Tabata, we’d say no way in hell, they’ll be intimidated and just be like, oh, we’ll take Matt DeSalvo in that case. They don’t want Reggie there. They’ve got this Costa fellow. All Sanders is doing is eating up cap space during a worthless season. Give him to us, get a couple bad prospects, everyone goes home happy, right? So he’s having a down year. He’ll pick it back up with a few bats around him. They better not ask for too much though, because we better not give any real talent away.
Do I like it? A- Will it happen? B

Coming in part 2!
Carlos Lee, Jose Guillen, and Craig Wilson stop by, as well as Adam Dunn and Shannon Stewart in lieu of their higher regarded trade bait teammates! Sounds like good fun. Will Pedro Feliz make a guest appearance? Who knows?


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