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Taking Care of Business

Well, kids. I told you I'd be back after a two-game winning streak, and apparently the Mets really want to hear what I have to say despite calling it a night after an inning of work against Kip Wells. Me, I worked eight hours yesterday bouncing back from an easy fourth. And I tuned into the game at about the third inning. So it's safe to say I missed everything.
First of all, I'd like to extend halfhearted apologies to any readers who are offended by comparatively minor language to what I scream at the TV. If you don't like it, don't read it. I have my second amendment rights to defend my first amendment rights. Yee-Haw.
Nextly, I'd like to congratulate Ralph Kiner on mastering the ability to sound absolutely drunk despite consuming what I imagine to be very little alcohol. Despite that, though, he doesn't lord his hitting supremacy over us like I feel Ron Darling does. He seems to remind us frequently that, indeed, he did go to Yale. And he's used a bunch of long words lately.
And also-- Pedro's on the DL. I figured it would happen.
So let's win one against the pirates, beat the D-Train and then grab a nugget of goodness for the pelf man.


Itsmetsforme said...

Gotta love a mets-spanks blog that only talks about the mets and is doused in brilliant orange and blue tones. Also gotta love a blog that for some reason links to my vernerable website. Is it because we know each other from the blogsphere? Is it an accident? or is it because you know that itsmetsforme's readers are 20% more likely to be pornstars than Metsblog readers?

For whatever reason, i appreciate love and, on the strength of your brutal preview of Jeremi Gonzalez alone, I salute you and hope to remember to add you to my annual year end "funniest posting" list if I remember to do it this year.

I quote thusly:

"Today's Profile on a Met who won't make the team
Today: Jeremi Gonzalez
Jeremi Gonzalez is not a good pitcher. The man is practically a joke. He began his career as a 22-year old rookie in 1997 with the Cubs, where he made a good first impression, going 11-9 with a 4.25 ERA. Cubs fans thought that this guy could only get better, when, in actuality, he could only get worse."

This really got me laughing. Keep up the good work.

Dyslexia said...

i object. yes, i am the lazier of the duo, and i took a good 3 weeks off, but i'm tryin here. look again and you'll now see plenty of yanks posts.