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David Wright is a lot of things

Just a little update on the status of this blog, since I haven't touched it in a while and my excessively useless co-blogger apparently is allergic to writing for it.

I will resume a daily posting schedule complete with series previews and other fun stuff beginning Monday the 17th. I might work on something before then, but I think I'll be happy enough reading about Captain Red Ass in this week's SI.

And just on another note, does David Wright get a kick out of starting rumors that he's a homosexual?

From Sunday's New York Post Q/A with Steve Serby (you can read the whole article here:

Q: Do you think you'll get married while you're playing?
A: Right now, as cheesy, as corny as it sounds, this is my love. My passion is playing baseball. I have a commitment to this game, and I just couldn't see it happening.

Q: What do you think of those Mrs. Wright T-shirts?
A: (Smiles). I bought my mother one last year, so I guess that's the true meaning of Mrs. Wright for now.

Q: Describe your ideal mate.
A: Athletic. Has to be able to laugh. Beautiful eyes. Intelligent.

Q: Ever think what it would be like going on a double-date with Jeter?
A: (Laughs). I'd love to tag along with Jete for a while and ride his coattails. Have him help me out a bit.

Q: How did you become friendly with Michael Strahan?
A: We did a radio show together in the city and I'm a big Giant fan. I go to as many games as I can."

David, you claim now to be friends with Strahan and you want to go out on a date with Derek Jeter? You adore your mother?
Your ideal mate has to be first and foremost athletic? And you love baseball?

I bet he really does get a kick out of starting these rumors, unlike the Pizza Man who figured he could dye his hair blonde and everyone would think of it as masculine.

Note the most effeminate baseball player photo in history on your right.

I'll see you back here sooner rather than later.

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