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I'm Getting Too Young for This

First things first.

A little ASG recap.
First off, I'm tired of all this crap about the Yankees and Red Sox taking over the All-Star Game because the fans aren't smart enough to make the right choices.

The Yankees had 4 all stars.
Cano, Rivera, Jeter, and Rodriguez. Tell me which one of those wasn't justified. Which one. Tell me. Don't say Bob, you'll be wrong. None of them.
I'm less learned on the Red Sox matter but I believe they had 4.
Papelbon, Loretta, Ortiz, and "I'm way too good for this shit" Ramirez.
Meanwhile, the Mets have 6!
I'm so sick and tired of hearing that the Yankees receive all the fan bias. EVERYONE HATES THE YANKEES! Hasn't anyone been paying attention! We get booed wherever we go. Moose wasn't even an all-star. He should have been. And here the Mets, everyone's darling, with they're clearly lame up and coming 3B leading the way. "Wait a minute, this isn't pastel!" Six.
Martinez, Glavine, (didn't deserve it, look at his June and July ERA people), Reyes (shouldn't be a starter), Wright, Beltran, and of all things, Paul Fucking Lo Duca. It's a circus show. The Yankees are a good team, they deserved 4, the Mets are a good team, and they got 4 starters!

Screw the establishment, the goddamn Yankees never manage to win (except championships). they booed Derek Jeter! Why? I don't understand. He hasn't done anything wrong! And somehow, the lovable loser Red Sox who aren't losers anymore get all the fanfare. David Ortiz is on more steroids than a fucking bodybuilder. And he just grins real wide and the crowd eats him up. What a disgrace. Whatever. It's not worth it to fight.

AL vs. NL

AL 3 - NL 2

Starting Pitchers:
AL: Kenny Rogers (11-3, 3.85)
NL: Brad Penny (throwing 99 mph) (10-2, 2.91)
Good Stuff:
Brad Penny was lethal, striking out the side in the 1st before giving a gopher ball up to Bad Vlad and his 4 foot strike zone. (Oh what a large strike zone he has, I'm Karl Ravech, I'm gonna talk about it some more and then pick the Blue Jays to win the East. Idiot.)
David Wright sent one careening down the left field line. Interview with his father was priceless, as he describes how D-Wright 'once got in a food fight'. Apparently, Wright's favorite show is 24, because it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Good to know David.
Carlos Beltran manafactured the go ahead run. Good for him. I like how Phil Garner couldn't remember his name (he calls him boy) even though he coached him 2 years ago.
Vernon Wells has a cannon. Guns down Fonzi. Wow what a 5-tool player he is. I'm the 1st person to say that right?
Jose Lopez scoring. I like him.
Freddy, "it's fucking pittsburgh i'll do what i feel like" Sanchez knocking Wright out of the way to catch a ball.
Michael Young's 2 run triple off one the most overrated closers in baseball leads to even more remarks about how underrated he is. No but honestly he's a really good player. He's playing out of position and he's still an All Star. Kinda like... no I won't even say it. No one would listen.
Jeter looks silly, A-Rod taps softly out a couple times.
Mo shuts the door.
The fact that Krukky was this close to being redeemed, but no.
Bud Selig glancing at his piece of paper to find out Young's name. Good stuff. You hooligan.

Final Thoughts:
It was an entertaining game. Can't ask for much more than a go ahead hit when you're down to your last strike. It's never been done before. So, in a way, the '06 ASG will probably be remembered. That's good.
It was dominated by pitching just like everyone said it would be, and it amused me that Trevor "hey the NL is actually good we're tired of this crap" Hoffman blew it. Hey, it just means home field for the Yankees, so why wouldn't I be happy? I also gained some respect for Ozzie for not going with Papelbon or the 300 million dollar man, Ryan, Rivera did earn this opportunity, and it's good to see him lock it down. Fun times, and all at a brisk pace. The Clemente ceremony was especially good. I actually never knew he was that talented. Huh. Seems like a great player and a great guy, good for the game. Doesn't get any better than that.

It seems we've gotten to the annual point where all the analysts and all of the country count out the Yankees. Fun. Honestly, it's just fuel for the fire, let them say what they want to, the Yankees are winning this division. Everyone questions their pitching. Look at the Sox. Look at the Mets! An injured Pedro, a declining Glavine, Trax, and this Cuban fellow. That's not a pitching staff. Pelf isn't ready. We are making the playoffs folks, it's just monstrously irritating that you manage to pick some fucking team like the Tigers over us every year. Yea, people think I'm an idiot for saying it. THEY'RE THE TIGERS. I personally saw the Indians coming out of this division, playing the role of Detroit. But one of these days, the Tigers are gonna wake up and realize who they are. And from there, it's nowhere but down. Even with all the injuries we've had to suffer through, the Yankees are still an immensely talented team, and they are most certainly not going anywhere. Sorry.

The AL dominance is for real. But it's not like a freak of nature thing. Every dog has it's day in baseball. It's an integral part of what keeps the game appealing. The AL has better pitching, better hitting, and better fielding, plus 4-5 elite teams. The Mets, meanwhile, have to compete with the likes of the suddenly mediocre Cardinals and the upstart Dodgers, who are practically made of rookies. It's such a wide margin of difference that I believe that if the Mets were playing in the AL, even in the West, the weakest division, right now they would be a 44 or 45 win team. They're not that good. You hear Schuyla prattle on about stats that take into account certain things like park factor and that ERA where you compare it to the rest of the league's that year. Well how about a stat that takes into account how badly the NL sucks? Just a thought.

Why did Nomar not play? Jeez Phil, he's the leading vote-getter, get him some action. It's a shame. Druw and Rolen were 2 other significant players who did not get on the field for the NL
For the AL, I believe it was Ozzie's own, A.J., who didn't get to play. Was there anything more priceless than during starting lineups when Pierzinski was expecting to get booed, and when it wasn't too terrible, he turned to Konerko and said, 'ha that wasn't that bad', right into the mike? Magglio Ordonez is one ugly man.

I really like Ryan Howard. Doesn't everyone?

Perennial O.K. player Aubrey Huff is heading to the Stros for a bunch of prospects. Ummm, does Houston really think it's gonna make a playoff push? Really now.

I don't like the Mets. Here's to an epic collapse due to poor pitching.


Anonymous said...

you sound awfully bitter. haha

Dyslexia said...

ha yea ive been known to be a little bitter at times. but come on. u a yanks fan or mets fan cuz if u like the yankees u can at least identify.

Anonymous said...

i'm a mets fan, and i find it kind of funny you are so bitter. where's all the "26 rings" talk. it's hard for me to feel bad for you, truly..though after that entry i really want to haha.

i have to say, it's quite satifying to see you may be finally getting just a small taste of what its been like to be us... :)

Dyslexia said...

o idk about that. mets only had to deal with futility, not all out hatred by fans and media. our only crime is that we spend a lot of money. its a competitive sport. where's the red sox and angels hatred?
aye, well you're right anyway. im a little stuck up. i mean 6 years for us is pretty much the equivalent of 20 for you. we're spoiled. its not quite fair to the we never win teams out there.

Anonymous said...

i guess we don't get hung up about the red sox and angels, because we don't have to live with their fans...and we did, and still do have to deal with a biased media, have you listened to mike and the mad dog? haha

Dyslexia said...

yeaaaaa. mike and the mad dog is just generally a joke. you cant take them seriously because they have little idea of what's actually going on. silly francesa (am i spelling that right). they just piss me off. there is a certain degree of bias but its less comparable to someone beloved than to someone like T.O. or Bode Miller. The press covers it, but casts us in a light that makes it impossible to like us. it was fun when we were defying the naysayers, but nowadays, its just irritating. o well, such is the price. :)

shana said...

figured i'd leave my name this time...see, i don't know if its the press so much that makes it impossible for people to like you. i think it's the last ten years of utter abuse we've had to endure from clueless yankee "fans", or at least that's what did it for me. haha, now i sound bitter.