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A Little Fudging and Smudging

At the beginning of this fine baseball year, Schuyla' and I made a few predictions regarding the fate of the divisions and various trophies. As we all know, these predictions don't always go the way we plan, and the All-Star Break seems as good a time as any to rethink our theories. Now to be clear, for the most part we'll be sticking to our guns, but there are a few glaring errors (mostly on my part), that need to be addressed. --Dyslexia

NL East:
Dyslexia picked Atlanta Braves, now picks New York Mets
Schuyla picked New York Mets, will stay.

NL Central:
Both picked St. Louis Cardinals. Both will stay.

NL West:
Dyslexia picked San Francisco Giants, will stay.
Schuyla picked Los Angeles Dodgers, will stay.

NL Wild Card:
Dyslexia picked New York Mets, now picks Atlanta Braves.
Schuyla picked Milwaukee Brewers, now picks Cincinnati Reds.

AL East:
Dyslexia picked New York Yankees, will stay.
Schuyla picked New York Yankees, now picks Boston Red Sox.

AL Central:
Dyslexia picked Cleveland Indians, now picks Chicago White Sox.
Schuyla picked Chicago White Sox, will stay.

AL West:
Dyslexia picked Oakland Athletics, will stay.
Schuyla picked Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, will stay.

AL Wild Card:
Dyslexia picked Boston Red Sox, will stay.
Schuyla picked Toronto Blue Jays, now picks Detroit Tigers.

Dyslexia picked Andruw Jones, will stay.
Schuyla picked Albert Pujols, will stay.

Dyslexia picked David Ortiz, will stay.
Schuyla picked Vlad Guerrero, now picks David Ortiz.

NL Cy Young:
Both picked Pedro Martinez. Dyslexia picks Brandon Webb; Schuyla picks Tom Glavine.

AL Cy Young:
Dyslexia picked Johan Santana, will stay.
Schuyla picked Roy Halladay, will stay.

NL Rookie of the Year:
Dyslexia picked Prince Fielder, will stay.
Schuyla picked Ryan Zimmerman, will stay.

AL Rookie of the Year:
Dyslexia picked Ian Kinsler, now picks Francisco Liriano.
Schuyla picked Joel Zumaya, now picks Francisco Liriano.

NL Manager of the Year:
Dyslexia picked Bobby Cox, now picks Willie Randolph.
Schuyla picked Ned Yost, now picks Willie Randolph.

AL Manager of the Year:
Dyslexia picked Eric Wedge, now picks Ozzie Guillen.
Schuyla picked John Gibbons, now picks Jim Leyland.

Dyslexia had Atlanta over New York in one series; St. Louis over San Fran in the other. He now has New York over Atlanta and St. Louis over San Fran.
Schuyla had St. Louis over Milwaukee and New York over the Dodgers. He now has New York over Cincinnati and Los Angeles over St. Louis.

Dyslexia had Atlanta over St. Louis. He now has the Mets over St. Louis.
Schuyla had New York over St. Louis; he now has the Mets over the Dodgers.

Dyslexia had Boston over Cleveland and New York over Oakland. He now has Boston over the White Sox and New York over Oakland.
Schuyla had Chicago over Toronto and New York over Anaheim. He now has Chicago over Anaheim and Detroit over Boston.

Dyslexia had New York over Boston and stays with that prediction.
Schuyla had Chicago over New York, he now has Chicago over Detroit.

Dyslexia had Atlanta over the Yankees. He now has a rematch of the 2000 Subway Series with the same result.
Schuyla had New York over Chicago. He stays.

In writing these rewrites, it seems like everyone has a tendency to stick to their guns unless they're obviously wrong. And my co-blogger, though I respect him somewhat, is an overzealous Yankees fan and Met hater. I applaud him for his candor above, though he has apparently not looked at the standings. The Tigers will need a collapse of epic proportions to miss the playoffs and the Yankees certainly have some catching up to do. And while I think he passed the latest round of Dick Pound-approved Crosstown Rivals drug testing, he picked the 40-49 Braves who are 13.5 games out to make the playoffs. For now, his predictions are far more ambitious than mine. And in this case, ambitious means "more likely to be wrong." Just kidding, Dyslexia. --Schuyla

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