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A Spite Posting

So, apart from being called useless these days, my main activities have been lounging, a variety of, as schuyla would call them, un-american sports, and a good deal of sleep.

Now, here at crosstown, both of us skipped out on ASG coverage, either of the selection day or gameday variety.

There has been a significant lull in the posting schedule for myself. no matter how many times they say it, i never seem to get used to the idea that when summer starts, the baseball season kicks into gear. it seems so wrong.

but, i suppose duties are duties.
here, i'll be outlining what you'll be seeing my from my side of the crosstown rivals blog this summer.

1. no previews.
2. recaps. of every yankees game.
3. an editorial every once in a while.
4. some knicks and giants coverage on a subliminal level.
5. series', such as the rarely updated written top ten yankees of all time, # 8 is next, whitey ford. the only pitcher on the list. stay tuned.
6. smack talk. what? schuyla' sucks. so do the mets.
7. my thoughts and opinions on news from around the league.
8. lots of ranting

something from schuyla' along similar lines, but you never know.

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