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Last Night

Buster Olney is a genius. I just remembered that I was supposed to write a review of The Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty, but I completely spaced. I don't have it in me right now, and there are more pressing issues, but do yourself a favor; if you are a Yankee fan and you haven't read this book, go and buy it right now. It's that good. The way that Olney works is amazing. First off, it's cleverly arranged so that each chapter covers a key figure in the championship run, household names like Tino or O'neill, or more forgetten players like Irabu and Broscius. The end of the chapter then details one half of an inning of game 7 of the 2001 series against the D'backs, or in other words, the last night.
Olney's details into the inner workings of the Yankee organization are incredible, and you wonder suspicuously how he even got his hands on this type of info. From Gene Michaels to Cash to The Boss himself, after reading Olney's work, you kinda feel like you actually know these people, what makes them tick. Of course it's heartwrenching at the end, but you'll enjoy the read so much it doesn't even matter. The relationships, behind the scene feuds and personalities of the players are exposed in a way that we're unlikely to ever see again. To be a little more concise, you have to read this book.
Oh. Well I suppose I did write a review, short as it may of been. Well at least it didn't include the words riveting, or, a masterpiece.

Also, it appears I've gotten sloppy. It seems that during my baseball hiatus, in addition to picking up this kid Kris Wilson who I have seen, we also got Aaron Guiel off waivers from the Royals. In fact, he got into the game in that romp we had against the Injuns last week. A hit, a walk, three runs scored, very productive. Apparently, he'll be splitting time in right field with Bernie, with Guiel playing against righty starters and Bernie playing against lefties. I don't know if this our permanent solution, but I'm assuming it's the best we can do for now. Guiel is a quality back up and should be pretty servicable. No complaints here. However, in regards to my last article on trade rumors, I wouldn't say this totally negates the prospect of a Sanders deal, although it does hurt it. As long as Guiel doesn't completely crash and burn, he's our new RF for the forseeable future, until Sheff comes back.
See ya later folks.

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