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Deja Blew

That sucks. Just sucks.

This team, granted only for this one series, looks an awful lot like the team that played last year. The "Heart Burners" in 2005 gave us some terrors, what with Loopy and Heilman and Bert not looking consistent. No Looper anymore, but come on... the resemblance is uncanny. And I mean that in a bad way.

Without Sancho, this bullpen is hurting. Aaron Heilman's numbers dictate he's going to give up a run somewhere in between every third and every other inning. So Heilman said, "Hell with it, I'm just gonna give up three tonight!"

That was basically it. And blah blah Lo Duca shoulda had him blah blah Dontrelle's defense turned a bunch of sick double plays.

Whatever. That was weak. And when Bert's working every day and Heilman's working every day, it makes me long for the days of Mr. Koo when he just told Willie that he wouldn't warm up. What's Mr. Koo doing, you may ask? He's back in Korea, playing for those Hanhwa Eagles, where everyone on the roster has three names except "Lou Collier". No joke. Koo has a 2.68 ERA in 47 innings. Get on the horn, Omar.

So once again, for what seems like the millionth game in a row, Miguel Cabrera comes up with a game that's late and close and a right hander with a funky delivery on the mound. (Heilman, Bradford, Takatsu) Oops. I just broke my moratorium on Takatsu again.

Pedro was nasty tonight, eh? Jake... how dare you do that to us?

So how about Reyes' extension? And Firstings looked ridiculous tonight. He showed all six hundred of his tools, including his bat speed which is greater than the speed of light. And so is he.

Valentin was good. Nice play in center by that Beltran guy.

I can't think about this game anymore. It makes my head hurt. Let's go get 'em against Philly. And break Chase Buttley's (clever, huh?) hitting streak!

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