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Starting Lineups

I've taken the liberty of comparing the Yankees and Mets starting lineups side by side and then giving the indication of which player I feel is better. Here we go.

First Basemen: Mets- Carlos Delgado
Yankees- Jason Giambi
This really isn't a contest. Giambi can get you decent numbers, but Delgado is probably top 5 1B in the NL behind Pujols (obviously) and Lee (who could flop), and Helton (who people just won't pitch to).
Second Basemen: Mets- Kaz Matsui
Yankees- Robinson Cano
KAZ!!! He's so terrrible. Robby might boot 500 balls this year and I'd still take him over wannabe Hideki.
Shortstops: Mets- Jose Reyes
Yankees- Derek Jeter
Ah... the fated day where I choose between DJ and Jose. In all honesty here....
Jeter is just a better player. (there I said it). He's the leader of the team, he's got 5 rings, and he is still the best opposite field hitter in the league. WHEW. I can't hate Jose, he's a SB machine, but he's too inexperienced and doesn't have the numbers to compete with DJ.
Third Basemen: Mets- David Wright
Yankees- Alex Rodriguez
Wright could potentially have a huge upside and he's getting paid a fraction of what A-Rod is getting, so if you were building a franchise, one could conceivably choose Wright... if you were crazy. A-Rod is the best player in the league, you don't pass him up.
Left Fielders: Mets- Cliff Floyd
Yankees- Hideki Matsui
I'm actually gonna have to go stalemate on this. I love Hideki, but Cliff Floyd isn't half-bad either. Both are quality players.
Center Fielders: Mets- Carlos Beltran
Yankees- Johnny Damon
God I hate Damon! He's such a prick! Cashman is corrupting the sweet nectar that was the Yankees with leftover filth from Epstein/Henry land. I take Beltran, I can see him driving in 90, which although is not great, is better than whatever Damon'll do batting leadoff in a system that is just so unbelievably wrong for him.
Right Fielders: Mets- Either Victor Diaz or Xavier Nady
Yankees- Gary Sheffield
Another no brainer. I'd take Sheff over the combined production of those two. In case you haven't been watching, Sheff has been hitting 30 and driving in 130 consistently. Plus, it's Victor Diaz.
Catchers: Mets-Paul Lo Duca
Yankees- Jorge Posada
You gotta take Posada. People may pick on his arm, but he has a clutch factor that oftentimes goes unnoticed. (Should have taken him out, Grady) Lo Duca probably plays better defense and he can hit better for average, he doesn't have the power numbers (HR's and 2B) that Posada has when he's healthy. Overall, pretty close, but I still say Posada's the better player.

Jack' s analysis of the pitching and bullpen coming up soon.

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