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The Toe

As I was playing in the snow
I thought it a grand time to know
what was wrong with Pedro's toe.

My good friend Joe
Said "Jack, we don't know!"
What shall we do with this rotten toe?

And I said let's order a shoe from Nike
Let's hope it's not too spiky
And Pedro will likey likey!

But what if he needs a cortisone shot?
That would hopefully not
be what fifty-two million got.

And so my friend Joe screamed, attacked by a mugger
"There's always Tom Glavine, who won four Silver Sluggers!"

"But what of Heilman and last-year's one-hit wonder?" I cried.
Joe responded: "You'll be more likely to see Jay Horwitz upset that Anna Benson has died."

And so a caveat, for this Mets playoff campaign,
your back-up starters are Alay Soler and John Maine.

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