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the first problem in the great blogging experience

so a guy walks into a bar. that's what most of my entries should be starting with. including non-roster love part 3, which I totally forgot to post. Expect more non-roster love later this weekend. but in actuality, Bobby Estalella probably did walk into a bar and get drunk last night. So he was unavilable for comment, but someone did do something of worth yesterday. we call him THE X-MAN. he goes by Xavier Nady to all outside observers and Mets fans lambasted GM Omar Minaya for not acquiring Akinori Otsuka or Scott Linebrink after trading Mike "Plates in M'Face" Cameron. If you're looking for a good article on the former Mets Mike and Mike in San Diego, read Lisa Olson's piece in today's Daily News. But Nady proved his March mettle in da PSL yesterday, going fourforfour yesterday with a grand salami and six rbi. the man hit the shit out of the ball in college. the man hits the crap out of the ball in Spring Training. And for a while, the man led the MLB in homers last year, with, like, 4. So ponder for a second, young Mets fans, what will become of this team if the X-Man can hit? This could be a lethal offense and possibly the best outfield in the big leagues. But for now that's too big an if for me. Don't worry about Trax's show yesterday. He'll be okay. Now it's time to face off tonight, in another storied Mets spring training battle. Jose Reyes, Carlos Delgado, Carlos Beltran, Juan Padilla, Victor Zambrano, Endy Chavez, Pedro Feliciano, Jose Valentin, Duaner Sanchez, Jeremi Gonzalez and Jorge Julio have left this team in the dust. Henry Owens, the reins are yours.

And, one little note of a long-term scare brewing in Flushing, Omar Minaya renewed David Wright's contract and the first signs of animosity between this team and this fine kid's agent are starting to show. Tread softly, boys. Watch what Omar does and says... losing this kid, while certainly far away, is not something anyone wants to see.

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Mike A said...

Nady is a classic underachiever and always will be.

Sure he hit like a madman at Cal, but so did Eric Munson at USC and Joe Borchard at Stanford. Neither one of them turned into anything special.

Nady's already 27 and has yet to have any consistency in the majors or minors. He is what he is, an overhyped product of aluminum bats.

Minaya overpaid for Nady as he does with all his deals (2 top prospects for Delgado while eating all his contract? ugh). He's done this since his Expos days (Sizemore, Lee, Phillips, Stevens for Colon, or the 4 players including Carl Pavano for 15 days worth of Cliff Floyd in 2002) and he's not about to stop.

He's going to run that team into baseball abyss if he keeps it up.