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the cheese stands alone (finals week edition)

well, it's finals week up here in chilly Massachusetts. but it's the first week of tha WBC and more spring training games in PSL. i watched the puerto rican mets play the minor league mets on ESPN yesterday, and even though they lost, I liked what I saw. I liked firstings, he was beautiful, and played the whole game no less. I liked Julio Ramirez's hair; it was colorful and funky. I liked Carlos Beltran at the dish for the enemies, and even Jeremi Gonzalez impressed me. Fernando "Jesus" Martinez, was, unfortunately, incredibly overmatched, as was Brett Harper. I'm hurrying home from class today to watch Mets-Indians at 1 (on ESPN) because I'm interested in what Tom Terrific can do against that group of young barnstormin' Native Americans. So these Mets are still looking good (despite what those people wearing Mets uniforms did in Dodgertown yesterday) and I'm psyched for this season. Aren't you?

In accordance with blogging regulations, we're going into a relative hiatus as Dyslexia and I have finals this week. I'll be home for two weeks and will hit y'all up on the best thing since sliced bread-- SNY. Later.

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Mike A said...

Good luck during finals, mine are still about 3 months away...

As far as the fifth starter question, I think an "all of the above" choice would be appropriate, seeing as how all of those guys will likely start a game for the Mets at one point or another this season.