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some random thoughts on a dreary friday

I was gonna write another article on BB, but I reconsidered. Honestly, I was a little scared I might turn into Pedro Gomez overnight. So, in lieu of another hard hitting editorial article, I give you some random thoughts on this dreary friday.

First, I can't believe I haven't mentioned this yet. For any basketball fans reading, the new MJ commercial, "The 2nd Generation", is the best commerical I've ever seen. I'm not lying. I know ESPN has already written an article on it, but I didn't believe till I'd seen it. Taking into account that you have a deep appreciation for basketball, the commercial gets to you in a lot of ways. Check it out, b-ball fans, it's worth it. Jumpman23.com --> click between the shoes (you need flash 8 or w/e) --> click upper left box called Air Jordan XXI --> click watch. enjoy.

Second. WBC corrospondent here. So, we didn't get humiliated. Griffey drove in 7, Lee, 4, and Roger was masterful (the bastard). I gotta tell you, as much as I knew that we couldn't lose, there was something in the back of my head yelling about how badly American sports had humiliated itself in the past, especially more recently. I won't go into details. However, the fact that we were playing South Africa really shows a weakpoint of the WBC. There aren't 16 countries that care about baseball. I mean to quote Jack, what's South Africa gonna do to us, put Nelson Mandela on the mound? Suggestion: The field should be 8. That way, you can have like 3 or 4 from the Carribean, 2 from Morth America, 1 from Europe, and 1 or 2 from Asia. It's a good idea, and it would increase the drama and get rid of the kinda lackluster drubbings that we had to witness today. Think about it Buddy.

Third, I'd like to discuss my newfound respect for Skip Bayless. Don't hurt me. The guy writes articles that many other reporters are too scared to write. He crosses a lot of lines that probably shouldn't be crossed. And he's an idiot. But he's being an idiot with class. And isn't that the most important thing?
Read his newest page 2 on ESPN about Barry. It's good, or at least I think so.

Moving right along, Jack and I have an ongoing feud. I'm assuming everyone out there remembers when DJ went careening into the stands after a flyball, cutting hmself and heroically showing what it means to be a real baseball player. =) Now, Jack thinks he was showboating and could have stopped or at least braced himself for impact. Tell him he's wrong, you guys. (Also, his play to get Giambi was not diminished by the fact that Jeremy did not slide. It was a ridiculous play. Admit it metland.)

In addition to this, I'd like to open a sort of informal poll. If you hate the Yankees, drop a line stating in 100 words or less why you despise them. If you love 'em, write about why they're so great. Have fun with it.

Finally, I'm gonna leave you on a more serious note. As a relatively recent baseball fan, I don't know or rmember much about Kirby Puckett. In the wake of his death, however, I've been hearing that he was Minnesota, a state hero of sorts. And I always kinda had a respect for Kirby as a sports fan, not because of anything personal, but because he was always portrayed as being a consistently great player who loved to have fun. I'm sure he was a good man, troubled, but good. And as is usually the case, he died too soon.
However, his death opens the door for a good question. In the world and history of New York sports, who would you say has stepped beyond the realm of being beloved into the realm of becoming New York?
Get back to me.



Schuyla' said...


kirby in my mind is somewhat paralleled with joe namath. both were stars who were great players in their sports and lead their teams to championships. however, both had serious off the field issues after their careers. Namath an alcoholic, Kirby a philanderer accused of sexual assault in a restaurant bathroom. I don't think Joe and Kirby meant to become notorious, and I think both of them were fun loving guys who made it on the big stage.

JBChill said...

The reason the Yankees are a problem can be summed up in two words: George Steinbrenner. This is the man who is almost singlehandedly responsible for the inordinate influence of money in professional sports. Steinbrenner.and his followers (people like Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder) are ruining pro sports because they subscribe to one theory: the mistaken idea that you can buy a winning team if you have enough money. Ask the Texas Rangers if that idea works. These people are the reason more teams should be community-owned, like the Green Bay Packers. Let's drive these bozos out of sports. Let's have a level playing field, so that the New Orleans Saints might actually win a Super Bowl, or so that Milwaukee Brewers might make it to the Series. I am a native New Yorker who believes that even though New York is the greatest and largest city in the country, it shouldn't be able to buy championships and dominate the leagues year after year.