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barry, we hardly knew ye

Everyone just wants to talk about baseball. About the WBC (and there's plenty to talk about. CANADA!), about spring training, (and whether or not the WBC is having an irreversably negative effect on it,) the Blue Jays, about how every team has a clean slate. It's about the game. Who cares about some stupid steroid scandal. It is about the game.
This is the game, people. This is arguably the greatest player in the history of baseball getting exposed. That he has been using steroids since 1998, largely in response to another 500 clubber's use of the stuff and the fact that instant popularity was practically a side effect. This is about his fall from innocence. And yes, I do think that before Barry did this to himself, he was a good guy. This is about the greatest record in professional sports no longer holding any merit. But most of all, this is the biggest scandal to hit baseball. Ever. And Steve Finley can say what he wants to. About how the book shouldn't have been released in the midst of the inaugural WBC. I mean, he's right isn't he? We don't need these distractions do we? If anything, Steve Finley and the WBC is the distraction. This... now this is not a distraction. This is the deepest running web of lies, hate, and darkness that I've ever seen. Have you read the article? Do so. And Barry is not innocent. We all knew it, the same way we all knew about Giambi, and Palmeiro, and McGuire. He used steroids, he overused them, he became addicted to them, he went to Conte, Conte made him bigger, and finally, as a result, Maris means nothing, the Babe means nothing. The only idols we got are two steroid users, one of which committed purjery and the other who threatened to kill his girlfriend. So, you may not like it, but this is what baseball is. And if we're not going to confront it, if we're gonna let this take backstage, then it's not going to stop. Barry is not a Hall of Famer, Barry is not in the record books, and as far as I'm concerned, he was a never a major league baseball player. Harsh, maybe, but you have to read the article. He's guilty people,
"Or did I f****** stutter?"

Now, sorry for the heavy tone. On a lighter note, WE LOST TO CANADA. At baseball. How humiliating. Part of me is slightly disgusted, but the other says hey, what the hell, it's good for baseball. But Canada? Wow. And I hear South Africa's got a monster of a hitter in... Ian Butcher? The name popped out at me. Roger best be careful, those South Africans could knock him around.

Well, I wrote that with a straight face, to take a page from SI, that's today's sign of the apocalypse. No Daig, yet, but coming. Friday, probably Saturday.
The disease affecting millions today,

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greenfuzz said...

I concur 100%. I read the piece, it is excellent, well researched and multiply sourced. People are putting down the follow up articles that appear in the NYT and elsewhere as if that's where the story broke. They don't recognize that those are other news outlets recapping a story that is more thoroughly reported elsewhere.

The orignal Sports Illustrated article (which as I've pointed out in another post somewhere is a book excerpt written by SF chronicle journalists) brings the reality of Bonds abuse home like never before, in detail. Names of drugs, frequency, method of use. You realize Bonds is a committed cheater and a truly terrible human being. Which I did not expect to find out.

When I got to part where he explains to his girlfriend that he was marrying this woman he just met because he had to have a black wife this time, I was really sickened. That was fairly early into the article, later he threatens and chokes the same girlfriend, nice guy.

I don't believe he could have been that good of a guy previously, but the story paints a picture of a man avoided by all but his paid entourage who are essentially his drug dealers by the end. He seems like a total creep to me.

I got the impression his steriod use is similar to other kinds of drug addiction, his story is like the stories of other types of drug addicts. Tried it for the effects, get hooked, need it more and more, it has negative consequences that you ignore, use it more and more, lose your friends and family and surround yourself with other users and those helping supply you with the substance. Sound familiar?

It's also interesting, that the leaked Grand Jury testimony showed that he's an unrepentant liar. Giambi who also cheated, did not lie to the grand jury. That's one of the reasons we know for sure he cheated, because he admitted it under oath, in testimony that could not be used against him and was supposed to be sealed. Bonds lied his face off.

The irony is that because he perjored himself he could be prosecuted for that. While Giambi who told the truth cannot be prosecuted for the content of his statements