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The Experts Weigh In

Award | Schuyla | Dyslexia
NL East | Mets | Braves
NL Central | Cardinals | Cardinals
NL West | Dodgers | Giants
NL Wild Card | Brewers | Mets
AL East | Yankees | Yankees
AL Central | White Sox | Indians
AL West | Angels | Athletics
AL Wild Card | Blue Jays | Red Sox
NL MVP | Albert Pujols | Andruw Jones
AL MVP | Vladimir Guerrero | David Ortiz
NL Cy Young | Pedro Martinez | Pedro Martinez
AL Cy Young | Roy Halladay | Johan Santana
NL ROY | Ryan Zimmerman | Prince Fielder
AL ROY | Joel Zumaya | Ian Kinsler
NL Manager of the Year | Ned Yost | Bobby Cox
AL Manager of the Year | John Gibbons | Eric Wedge
Schuyla: Cardinals over Brewers; Mets over Dodgers
Dyslexia: Braves over Mets; Cardinals over Giants
Schuyla: Mets over Cardinals
Dyslexia: Braves over Cardinals
Sschuyla: White Sox over Blue Jays; Yankees over Angels
Dyslexia: Red Sox over Indians; Yankees over Athletics
Schuyla: White Sox over Yankees
Dyslexia: Yankees over Red Sox
World Series:
Schuyla: Mets over White Sox
Dyslexia: Braves over Yankees


Mike A said...

Upton isn't not eligible for the ROY anymore, too many ABs (159) in 2004.

Dyslexia said...

good point. i'll get on that. also, after further review, gonzie isn't going anywhere so quentin won't have the chance to produce. hello prince!

Schuyla' said...

i wish i could reconsider some of my picks as well.

but like dubya, i'm sticking to my guns.