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Ah... you smell that? That's the smell of me being right. Scroll down a bit to the preview of our series with KC. So, I was wrong about the pitching. Chacon and Wang (Wo-ng) were shaky while Randy was strong, and Bautista was weak. Look who I picked to be the player of the series. Ah... yes. Jason tore them to pieces.

Statistics please.

For the series,
Jason Giambi: 8 AB, 4 BB, 2 HR 7 RBI
His OBP for the series, you ask? .755
Come on people, the man is a monster. And if those numbers aren't player of the series worthy, everything I know is a lie.

Reggie Sanders had his little spiel, Angel Berroa was not as strong as I had expected (2-10, 1 RBI), and Doug had a three hit game today, but overall,
I was right about Jason Giambi!
Anyhow, bring out the brooms, cause we swept 'em, and I'm not gonna complain that I only had us taking 2 of 3.

Damon had himself a nice series, as did Bernie, god bless him. DJ's three run HR to cap off the comeback was magic, Gary had a huge middle game, and hey, even Kelly Stinnett got a piece of the action when Georgie got a rest. You gotta love those small market teams, Yankee lovers, you gotta love 'em. Plus, we've finally stuck our head above the surface (.500), and just because the Red Sox are scary with Beckett and Schilling doesn't really mean anything. The image of David "I'm the Bode Miller of baseball because I pitched my perfect game drunk" Wells getting booed is one that will stick with me for a least like a week. And maybe Damon won't be so bad after all. I'll never root for him though until he does something unforgettable a la Jason Giambi grand slam in the 14th to beat the Twins in the rain. As of now we have 6 regulars hitting above .300. (Bernie, Giambi, Matsui, Posada, Jeter, and Damon). It's early, but I'm finally beginning to see that this is the best offense in baseball. Now all we need is a little pitching. Speaking of which, the bullpen was pretty good today. Even though it looks like a laugher, it was actually pretty tight until the 8th, when Jimmy Gobble "Em up" self-destructed. Kudos to Myers, Proctor, and Sturtze. Even though nobody really showed that they were above the pack, but as a whole they're consistenly O.K., which is about all I can ask for. Mari got his first save (of many hopefully) on Tuesday, looked pretty strong. All in all, everything seems to be looking up heading into our matchup with the Twins. We didn't look so good on the road, so maybe we can get our mojo working away from the Bronx in the Metrodome. Previews coming tomorrow.

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