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I wrote a good article on Eric Duncan, I swear to God I did. But when I tried to publish it, I got the server can't etc. I'm mad about it.
Eric Duncan: 3B: 20 Years Old: Highest experience: DOUBLE A
Anyway, here is a less quality article with the same ideas. The Yankees are at a dangerous crossroads. We have a lot of old players who are sinking. Slowly, albeit, but sinking nonetheless. Giambi has got one or two years left in him before he's running on empty. Sheffield is old, and getting a few more worry wrinkles with Selig on his ass. Posada's on the way down. And apart from young Philip Hughes, we have no saviors in the making. Enter Duncan.
Now, I've heard a bunch of crap about 'The Next Great Yankee'. I don't mean to ruin the party, but Eric Duncan isn't the next great anything. We don't need him to be great, because he won't be great. We need him to be above average. A guy who can come in, replace Giambi in a couple years (he's not going to be a 3B in this league), and hit 18 HR and drive in 90 a year. Nothing spectacular, just a good role player who knows the fundamentals and has a good work ethic. Because we are dangerously close to arriving at the apocalypse that everyone has been prophesizing. The fateful day where Steinbrenner's need to win now and the slue of young talent that we dealt in order to acquire aging, all-star, players is finally gonna catch up to us. Unless we can get Henry, Cabrera (trade bait), and most importantly, Duncan, on the field, making plays, the Yankees will be a bad team in five years. And there's no amount of money that Steinbrenner can throw at this problem that will change it. (Well... maybe if we got Derrek... no never mind) I'm not going to ask Duncan to save us. Let me reference a certain unimportant 1B by the name of Chris Chambliss. He played for us in the late 70's. I don't think he ever drove in more than 90. But he knew his place, was consistent, and understood that the team belonged to Reggie Jackson. And he won two rings with us. They were a team. What we have today is a thrown together skyscraper that is fun to look at, but will most likely fall down when the wind starts blowing. That's why I can't wait to get the Sheffield's of NY out. Once that happens, maybe then we can build another '98, where we actually have a player in each position that'll shut up, play hard, and in games. If Eric (I can call him that, we're tight) can be a Chris Chambliss, be pretty good day in and day out, there's some hope. It may not be what people wanna hear, but I gotta say, Eric Duncan is no superstar. He's a good kid who works hard and puts up decent numbers, and if we get on his back about how we need him to lead us to the promiseland, then there's no place for him in New York. I believe that there may be many years for Duncan in pinstripes, and I can't wait to root for him, but don't make him into something's he's not. Just cross your fingers, pray that George doesn't trade him for Larry Bigbie, and enjoy the kid. He's gonna be an O.K. player someday.


P.S. Here's some mediocre stats to get your mouth watering

2004: LOW A- 78 games, 12 HR, 57 RBI, 7 SB, 38 BB, 84, SO, .260/.351/.479/.830
2004: HIGH A- 51 games, 4 HR, 26 RBI, 0 SB, 31 BB, 47 SO, .254/.366/.462/.828
2005: DOUBLE A- 126 games, 19 HR, 61 RBI, 9 SB, 59 BB, 136 SO, .235/.326/.408/.734

By the way, Phil Hughes is a MAN. On Saturday, he struck out 9 in 4 IP in high A. He's teasing these people he's so good. Oh, and Felix "I'm Felix Hernandez the best young pitcher in the league" Hernandez got outdueled by Joe Blanton on Friday. Joe Blanton. God be with you, Mariners fans.

Adios, Yanks fans, and remember, not every top prospect has to be a star.

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