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A Star is Born

Faces represent everything. And one great face can serve as an ambassador for anything. The Mets' face used to be that of a mustachioed and occasionally blonde backstop. For a year it was the molebound face of Carlos Beltran and the Jheri-Curl of Pedro Martinez. But now the Mets invariably have a new savior. One with a golden smile and blue-collar values.
They call him David Wright.
Sure, there are nicknames/stupid puns for him, like D-Wright, The Wright Stuff or The Human Rain Delay.
David Wright proved his mettle again this afternoon, leading the Mets to a 3-2 win where he alone drove in the Mets' three runs. Not Beltran, not Delgado, not Pedro and certainly not Mike Piazza.
To Wright's credit, he has been unstoppable this year, finishing today with nine runs batted in for his first four games. He's hit .474. While stats at this point during the season can easily be discredited, one thing cannot be ignored. This kid can play.
And this doesn't come as news to me or anyone else, as we knew from the get-go that his upper body strength and good eye would propel him to greatness.
The fact that I'm cutting the parade loose already hopefully will not jinx Mr. Wright, nor will it make him work any less hard.
But for now, it is inevitable that the Mets will be led into the future by the greatest young player their farm system has churned out since Darryl.

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Mike A said...

And yet he still isn't even the best third baseman in New York.