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Hello... Didnt See You Come In

I love rainy days. Apparently, the same does not apply for Yankee Stadium, so we’ll have to settle for a 3 game sweep. I find it amazing how even with all the publicity the Mets have been receiving, we still have a better record. And that’s in a division that doesn’t include two league punching bags like the Fins and Nats. Could there be a change in the cards? A day where Unit Signs with Yankees is relegated to 2nd tier while Pedro Signs with Mets takes the limelight? That would certainly be interesting. A world in which the Mets were the most important baseball team in New York. It could be just around the corner…

This Jason Grimsley thing has absolutely BLOWN ME OUT OF THE WATER. I mean WHO! (WHO I ask you?) would ever have suspected that a drug that these PROFESSIONALS would be using a performance enhancing drug that the MLB doesn’t test for? I guess my foresight isn’t what it used it be. The funniest part is probably the reaction of all those users out there. Cant you imagine them all scurrying around, wondering ‘who’s gonna be the one to bust us? Al? Miggy? Sammy? BAM! One dose of a 38 year old sub-par Diamondback pitcher and it all goes to hell. Classic. More on this in the coming days.


  • Steve Kline

  • Darren Oliver

  • Jason Kendall

...seriously now...

  • Julio Franco! (I’m crazy)

  • Miguel Tejada

  • David Ortiz (why is his name not mentioned more frequently?)

  • Albert Pujols (sorry all you “he’s good for the game” people)

  • Sammy Sosa (yeah he’s in the past but he’s gotta be mentioned)

  • Jim Thome

  • Jason Giambi

  • Some struggling middle reliever

  • Every self-respecting power hitter in the AL not on the Yankees.

I am personally proud of the fact that Miguel Cairo, Andy Phillips, oft injured Bubba and Melky have all at one point been an integral part of our team. I mean it’s unbelievable. The worst part is, I don’t know when it happened, but at one point ONE too many people noticed that we’re gritting out ballgames and now everyone hates us for it. I know it’s chic to hate the Yankees, but we’re doing a lot of good things out there. It’s outstanding actually that we continue to win ball games with a make shift outfield. These players are going out there, many of them injured, and playing their ass off, proving that Sheff and Idiot are expendable and that, as much as we love Godzilla, he’s replaceable. And yet, the same way that our wins come from our mentality, so does the hatred. People are addicting to hating them. It’s a little frightening, and frankly, pathetic. There’s this whole idea that because George spends so much, the media is always picking on Goliath. Well what happens when Goliath isn’t Goliath anymore? Assuming DJ and Idiot don’t play, we’re looking at non-injured former starters in a declining Jorge, developing Robby, recovering Giambi and underachieving (in theory)/despised A-Rod. Give it up.

Oh and speaking of DJ, how are all those people who were calling him underrated doing now? It was one of the biggest travesties I’ve ever seen, and Jeter his doing his part every day to dispel the notion. In my humble opinion, he is the best shortstop in the league when you evaluate every facet of the game. Miguel Tejada is nice, but can he play the defense DJ can? Oh and what about that constantly overrated QUALITY YOUNGSTER Michael Young? I don’t understand everyone’s infatuation with the fellow. The two are practically the same age, contrary to popular belief, and Jeter is better in every significant statistical category. He’s got an OPS of .930. He’s hitting .344, good for 4th in the AL. (Oh and by the way, what is the whole Joe Mauer business? Is he actually good? I thought that was just a tale people told their children to help them sleep at night.)

Have a little crow, all you major leaguers who called him overrated. He’s the perfect face for the most recognizable team in sports, a good guy, a great player. And, as Schuyla would tell you, he’s from a quality interracial couple. What’s the problem?

Kudos to Schuyla on that ridiculously extensive draft coverage. In all honesty, I’m not much of a draftaholic, or even a prospectaholic. If it’s not happening in the bigs, then I probably don’t care. My only insights are the fact that we were right to emphasize pitching, as that is what we’ll be lacking in in about 5 years, I like this Trojan fellow, Kennedy, and Joba is arguably the strangest name I have ever encountered. Joba? Jesus that’s weird.

Alright that’s all for now. Check out Yanks Sawx tomorrow on the Deuce.

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