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I'm Back!

Yankees DL List:
O. Dotel 15-day DL
T. Sturtze 60-day DL
D. Rasner 15-day DL
H. Matsui 15-day DL
B. Crosby 15-day DL
G. Sheffield 15-day DL
S. Chacon 15-day DL
C. Pavano 15-day DL
Goodness gracious me. That is horrendous. Add Derek and Johnny, and Mariano (not on the DL, but 'hurt'), anf you've got a list longer than Santa's. I mean, we called up Kevin Thompson for Chrissakes. I get everyone's love interest with him, but he's not ready yet. Oh, I almost forgot. Nick Green!

Whew, that Sawx game was ugly. (Except for Bernie's shot. Hooray.) Congrats, Schill, you’re the winningest pitcher in the AL. God that makes me sick. Now we get ready for the historically slow starting A’s, who sit three and a half back of the Rangers. The A’s were my pick to win the West, and I still feel that if they can make it to the all star break at .500, they’re a lock. They’re playing in an AL West without a quality team. The Rangers will fade as they always do, bogged down by a consistent lack of pitching. The Mariners are still developing out there, and are no way close to ready to make any sort of run. And the Angels… well, they’re not as bad as everyone makes them out to be, but they are still far too old with a bunch of underachievers. That being said, Oakland isn’t exactly money either, but they are the best of the bunch. They have a lot of young, quality pitching, a talented infield, and a force in the Big Hurt. We’ll lose tonight with The Unit on the hill, as even with those two good starts against Detroit and Baltimore, he still a subpar pitcher. I like Danny Haren, he’s got some good pitches. Look for Moose to beat Loaiza behind some strong run support and yet ANOTHER quality start. And finally, I see Yankee punching bag Barry Zito getting the monkey off his back, beating off the DL Chacon in a highly contested game.
A’s Take Two Out of Three, and we’ll head to Cleveland a half game back of the Sawx.

Well, it’s all going downhill after this Grimsley affair. It has been revealed that Yank favorite Jim Leyritz (I know I loved him), was a cheater. Honestly, I hope we set a precedent by NOT forgiving but accepting it. If every user that comes forth is met with instantaneous hatred, we’re gonna see a whole lot less truth than if we understand that these men made some bad choices. Leyritz was a scrapper, a fighter, and a cheater. He deserves whatever criticism he receives, but don’t turn your back on him. We’re going to be seeing many more stories identical to his. If anything, he should be praised for being a pioneer. Hopefully, he will be the first of many to come forth.

“Oh, it’s not a serious injury!” and, “Sheff just doesn’t care about the game.” “No possibility of a break.” Well, not quite. A torn ligament. Wait a second before you criticize the guy, he may not have always been the greatest or forthright teammate and player, but at least give him a chance. He’s not all bad, and he was sitting out for a reason. Now, he’s out until September, and we’ll have to make due with a right fielder by committee. I don’t really think we’ll miss him.

Oh, right. I almost forgot to mention it. Johnny Drennen. Ah… how sweet it is. Keep that ball, kid, you just hit a dinger off the most hated pitcher in baseball. Let’s hope this is the first of many for the Rocket. (Oh, and by the way, I’m not bitter; I honestly did not want him in the Bronx. He’s a little punk, or a big punk, I suppose. I hope the Stros get burned for giving him a job.)


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