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The Inning from Hell

The omens were there.

I told Willie to start getting Pedro to release his vampire incantations and voodoo curses on the mound. Didn't work.

Instead of Willie going to the religious Aaron Heilman, a graduate of the Catholic university Notre Dame, he went to the sinner Heath Bell. His name can be shortened to H. Bell, which, provided the omission of a single letter, can become H ell.

The inning was from hell. Come on. It wasn't the top of the 6th inning, like heaven up high.

It was the bottom of the sixth. Hell.

6th year.
6th month.
6th day.
6th inning.
6 runs.
6 run lead.

It was coming, Willie. You just couldn't see it.

I'm not going to watch the rest of the game, even if they are the comeback kids. I'll probably spontaneously combust somehow.

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