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Dancing on My Neighbor's Grave

When Dyslexia and I started this blog, this was the kind of game we I was looking for. I knew the Mets were better than the Yankees. I know who the real Sandman is. I know who the best catcher in New York is.

And after Billy Wagner wiped out the Yankees in order with three filthy strikeouts, this became one of those games that you just wouldn't lose. Sure, this supposedly great closer Mariano Rivera can get two outs, but what happens when you need three? And you have to face the Duck? Yeah, right. Go ahead, walk someone in front of David Wright. It worked all the time last year when people walked Cliff Floyd to face the young slugger.

Despite their struggles in the clutch, tonight further cemented the importance of Xnady and Beltran to this offense. This combination of hitters, both of whom were surrounded by low expectations this year, have combined to drive in 50 runs. They're both on a pace close to driving in 100 runs.

And after last night, I am overjoyed. I can laugh at my fellow blogger who just undyingly supports his team. He would take a bullet for Rivera. Except he didn't last night.

The Mets will win another today, in a fun pitching duel. Only because, "Pedro Martinez will strike you out!"

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