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It Was Inevitable

Billy Wagner you beautiful sonofabitch. God Bless you. Things looked bleak that's for sure. Pedro was dominating, Moose was good, but underwhelming. They did everything they were supposed to do. They were carrying a four run lead into the ninth.

Enter Sandman.
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No. not the real Sandman per se, just some poor, foolish, lost impostor.

The caps went inside out. Giambi single. A-Rod walk. Robby knocks J-Giam in. 4-1. Miggy comes up. Harmless fly ball. Melky walks. He's been everything we needed him to be. Wags is self-imploding. A Kelly GS wins it. I giggle at the notion. Stinnett walks. 4-2. Bernie in for Villone. He's hit. Billy is dazed and confused. 4-3. In comes the Idiot. Wags is pulled. What a beautiful moment. Priceless. In Feliciano. Ground ball. NO JOHNNY! NO! He beats it out. JOHNNY HUSTLE! Tie ball game.

Enter Rivi in the 10th. He's flawless, making Carlos1 look like an 119 million dollar fool.

11th. Cairo walks, advances to second on a Melky SO. Just when you realize that Phillips coming up to bat is ending a Miguel Cairo, Melky Cabrera, Kelly Stinnett, Andy Phillips cycle, a single. Cairo scores. Ball game over. If Sandman can lock it down in the 11th. Oh no! Big bad middle class values David Wright. Sit down swinging. Clifford/Cornelius Floyd. Slumping, but hit one yard earlier in the game. Sit down swinging. And Nady, who Schuyla' affectionately refers to as the X-man. Sit down swinging. You lose, good day sir. It's a good day for the human species.

Don't Mets fans understand? It doesn't matter how talented your team is. It is inevitable that games like this will happen. In fact, as we get to the end of July, they're gonna be happening very, very frequently.
Wagner is a bust. Either support the bust or boo him. Do one or the other. You make Yankee fans look subjective. Oh, and don't come in here with this real Sandman bullshit like you supported him the whole time. How many saves as he blown? 3? 4? And you booed him every time, didn't you? That 2 ERA is deceiving, and he will never be the Sandman.
Mariano Rivera is the most dominating pitcher in baseball and has been for the last decade. He has quite possibly the best cutter ever. And until last year, when Mariano Rivera stepped on the mound, the game was over. Billy Wagner. Well... he's been good on a bunch of underachieving teams for a while now. Where's the comparison? I sure can't find it.
There is some sort of otherworldly force at work here. This is not the Mets' year. As plausible as a championship may sound, this team is old and rickety in its foundations. You still have no real pitching outside of Pedro and Glavine, who will cool off. And when the you get dispatched in the 1st round, I'll be there. Making sure that you know that I told you so.

Viva Los Yankees!

P.S. It's good to be king.

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