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The Main Event

The Crosstown crew is excited.

We've been waiting nearly two months since the start of the season for this to come.

And finally it has.

The showdown between Mets and Yankees, Yankees and Mets.

This time it's at Shea, with Pedro, Glavine and Victori Gonzalez taking the hill.

A few notes in lieu of a series preview:
  • WPIX (The dubba-dubba-dubba-you WB) has a special on at 6:30 PM. Their season preview earlier this year was top-notch, so I'm expecting something just as good tonight.

  • I will feature a Crosstown Rivals Day at the Ballpark for one of these games. Fun, eh?

  • We know the Yankees. We know the Mets.

    Let's play some baseball.

    Pick: Mets take two out of three. Lose a nailbiter with a bullpen meltdown on Sunday night (Weren't there Sunday bullpen meltdowns in both Mets-Yanks series last year?)

    Sorry for my fluffy posting schedule as of late. Lots of business to take care of and Crosstown Rivals fell to the bottom of the to do list. Expect a far more regular schedule by mid-June.

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