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A Victory by Any Other Name...

This game was too much for me to take.

The Mets won this game on too many levels. They shredded the Brew Crew in most categories.

But so much of it makes me wonder.

Why has Jose Valentin been playing so well?

Why does Willie Randolph love Chad Bradford? I was thinking about it, with the improvement of Jorge Julio...
He last pitched during the Phillies series. Bradford has been not so good, to the tune of an ERA of 4.61, and has garnered his second loss of the year.

Put this one on the Mets' pitching, though. Sanchez is human, all of Pedro's runs came on long balls and walks and even ChadBrad gave up his run on a homer.

And, as good as things went during some parts of this game, they went even worse in others.

Call me a pessimist, but with St. Louis and the Andy Phillipses in our next two series, the Mets could be looking at a record resembling .500 next weekend.

And that, based on everything we've learned about this team to date, is unacceptable.

Glavine needs to pitch well, Trachsel needs to do well enough and Bannister needs to come back strong.

Otherwise, the Mets leave St. Louis, with the gap between them and Philly, just like the roof of Miller Park, fully closed.

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