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You can't win them all...

...but you can win this one.

Today was a winnable game. Steve Trachsel was disappointing when he filled in for Victor Zambrano. And it bothers me to a degree because at least when Victor loses, he loses. You see numbers like 9 BB, 6 HR, 12 ER, 4 HBP. Trachsel just had an ugly day from the get-go, where he just couldn't get Braves hitters out. And this is one of the things that troubles me about this Mets rotation. When Pedro and Glavine don't pitch, it's basically a crapshoot. Who can score more runs? Who can have better long/middle relief? I like Darren Oliver. I like Jorge Julio, and, aside from that moonshot to Frenchie, he was nasty today. But Trachsel was terrible. Kyle Davies was not good either. And despite all of these problems with our rotation, the game was totally winnable. Tying runs came up many times, with a severe threat in the ninth inning quelled by the not-so-intimidating Chris Reitsma. This is a game that the New Mets should win. A game to sweep all the skeletons out of the Turner Field closet. Instead, a little bit of vintage Mets. A winnable game slipping away from the hands of a team on a roll. A bad day for Kaz Matsui, the first since before his hot 2005 September, marred an incredible game from Jose Reyes. J-Rey walked three times. Carlos Delgado had his second straight sub-par game. I don't know really what to say-- but I think it's probably a cliché. One something along the lines of "Each loss only counts once." I hope so.

I cheated on the Mets a little this weekend. In fact, I've been cheating on the Mets for a while now.
I watched the NFL draft and part of me booed when they took D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold. I watched the destruction of the Franchise Formerly Known As The New York Rangers this week as well. It was ugly. But now my interest will remain unfettered. Series preview for both peculiar two-game long series next week. Washington, Pittsburgh and Atlanta are coming to Shea. See you then.

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