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Ow, That Hurts!

It hurts. Doesn't it?
Watching Victor Zambrano sprint off with the potential of impending TJ surgery, which would be his second?
Watching Darren Oliver get smacked around by Jeff Francoeur?
Leaving eight on base?
Failing to score against the weak Braves pen?
Having four of five relievers give up a run?
And despite that all of this seems to create a loss, it didn't.

Today's game was a crossroads for the new Mets. They had had a brilliant win the night before, despite futility in crunch time. They were buoyed by David Wright's clutch, however, and by Jose Reyes' 5-hit game. However, they return the next day with the staff's worst starter on the hill, dog tired from a long night of baseball. Fans of Mets both old and new are prepared for a game filled with disappointment and poorly-timed misexecutions. Instead, they won. Somewhat curiously, they mustered a far greater offensive effort against Huddy than they did last time they faced him. While he looked off his game, the Mets got hot. They had another big seventh inning. And despite a bullpen with a tired Sanchez and punching bags Wagner and Bradford, they got the job done. It wasn't a pretty, glamorous win. But at this point what is the relevance of glamour? On the heels of a four-game win streak, the Mets are 5 1/2 ahead of Philly (who has been on a six-game win streak) and nine ahead of Atlanta. While the season is in no way over, the Mets are sailing into the sky without any tragedies or impending doom. Once they complete their clash at Philly next week, the Mets will have played every team in the division. In the best-possible case scenario, they will finish that series 13 games ahead of the Tomahawk Choppers and 9 1/2 ahead of Philly. While this scenario is far from a guarantee, the following is true: The Mets are not to be dealt with lightly.

One final note: Many apologies for failing to post in a while... I think Alex is starting to rub off on me. But have total confidence that I'll happily cover the first series of the year between the Mets and the sole obstacle to their divisional supremacy. See you after tomorrow's game.



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